Amethyst Crystals

Keep reading about amethyst crystals, but don’t know WTF they do? We hear you, doll! Wanna find out more about amethyst crystal healing? From it’s soothing quality to aid sleep troubles, to it’s healing and protective energy perf’ for manifesting abundance and positivity, amethyst crystals are some of the most staple crystals adored by spiritual sistas. Wear an amethyst crystal necklace under (or over) your OOTD to promote positivity, or keep a large amethyst crystal on your nightstand if you’ve been having trouble with your slumber. Keen to find out which star sign amethyst crystals are good for? If you’re fortunate enough to be a babe under Virgo, Aquarius or Capricorn, then amethyst crystals are for you, girl! An amethyst tumblestone will help you achieve inner peace and stillness to become the best babe you can be. Feelin’ inspired yet, boo? Be sure to check out our collection of amethyst crystals and get ready to manifest your best life instantly. 


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