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Live your best lounge life girl and shop our trending loungewear and lounge outfits to totally up your chill day 'drobe. Whether you're in need of the perf loungewear set for a laidback weekend or you're after one of our loungewear womens sets to add comfort to your day-to-day dressin', we've got you covered! Got a night in with the squad planned but still wanna make sure you look good for the boomerangs? Opt for a cosy womens loungewear set with fluffy sliders and crimped waves for a look that would give Kimmy K a run for her money. Whatever your vibe is, our women's loungewear sets will have you covered. We design our ladies loungewear with you in mind so you can always be sure that you'll look good from every angle. Be a chilled temptress in some loungewear underwear sets and let the clothes do the talkin'. Get your next loungewear set today and level up your WFH look. Chilling round the house? We are obsessin' over a waffle ladies loungewear set or a knitted loungewear set for lookin' and feeling ultra cosy for those cute nights in. If you're a petite princess and are in need of cosy petite loungewear, we've got you covered too, babe! Take it back to the noughties and embrace your inner Paris Hilton by wearing a diamante velour loungewear with a couple of butterfly hair clips and blue eyeshadow. Stay warm in those colder months in a ribbed knitted loungewear set or a fluffy loungewear or keep it matchy-matchy in a loungewear co-ord. We're living for a glam loungewear jumpsuit in a neutral hue or a classic nude loungewear set for those last minute brunch dates with your besties. From next level airport lounge, to dinner plans and at home date nights, you're gonna LOVE all of these loungewear uk styles, babe!

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Want to add some fresh new luxe to your off-duty 'drobe? Or do you need some comfy new cuts to wear for dinner with bae? Wherever you're headed, check out our ultimate guide to choosing cosyloungewear!

Off-Duty Stylin'

Give off-duty a whole new meaning with some of our cosy loungewear sets! Look like the luxe babe you are in a luxury loungewear set, complete with chunky trainers and a quilted bag for a Kardash inspired vibe. You can't go wrong with a black loungewear set or an ultra soft fleece loungewear for those everyday outfit dramas when it's freezing outside. Last min coffee date with your bestie and wanna look effortlessly fab? Our loungewear womens uk collection has a look for you. Get organised early with cute matching Christmas loungewear sets for the perfect 'gram photos. Blessed with model height? We've got tall loungewear with your name on! Our fave choice for cosy everyday wear is a teddy loungewear set, basically just pyjamas you can wear out of the house! Nail that 'I've got my sh*t together' look with a 3 piece loungewear set or make sure you're in the best loungewear for women when you step out in a cosy loungewear set.


Down with denim? Over dresses? We hear you, boo! Loungewear might be basic, but it's defo not boring. Fashion is a dish best served HOT, which is why we recommend steppin' into the bar in style and rocking an off the shoulder grey loungewear set or a sexy loungewear set with perspex mules and a killer clutch for babein' bar vibes that'll look amaze on the 'gram. Channel your inner Barbie in an iconic pink loungewear set or give your besties outfit FOMO by opting for skin tightribbed loungewear set. Go full on Kimmy K in a 90s style loungewear tracksuit with strappy heels and a micro bag. Finish with a big bouncy blow and soft glam makeup for a fiery 'fit that's sure to fill your DMs with our womens loungwear uk collection. 

Netflix n' Chill 

Got a chilled night in with your bae and wanna look like you've made an effort without openin' your date night 'drobe? We have a loungewear set for you! We're obsessed with velvet loungewear and wide leg loungewear styles in cute baby blue hues. If you're more of a classic Queen, opt for a beige loungewear set or a black loungewear set - it's our best loungewear choice! Whatever colour you choose, it's always cosy loungewear that you can wear all day (and night) long. Get wild with a leopard print loungewear set or funky with a tie dye loungewear set. They won't be able to keep their hands off you in a soft loungewear set or a fluffy cotton loungewear set! Stick to your budget without compromising on quality with our range of cheap loungewear sets.


Nothing beats our best selling cream loungewear set or a more casual oversized loungewear set when it comes to those work from home days. Try a off the shoulder loungewear set for maximum style payoff with minimal effort or just throw on a loungewear cardigan over your jeans and a tee look for a touch of comfort. If you've got to pop into the office for a few hours, a smart loungewear set is perfect for transitioning out of complete comfort. Hosting the meeting? Be sure to grab a white loungewear set for a comfy 'fit that also helps to set off that golden glow - thanks St Moriz! Team loungewear leggings with an oversized sweatshirt and chunky trainers for an influencer inspired work wear look. Make your colleagues green with envy in a khaki loungewear set or have a Daphne moment in a lilac loungewear. Try a loungewear romper for easy styling or go for our best-selling travel loungewear for those work trips (even if that's just a trip to the supermarket for your lunch). You're going to be the best dressed babe in the (virtual) office with our collection of loungewear and lounge outfits.

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  1. Camel Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Cailleigh
    As low as £27.99 - 43% Regular Price £49.98
  2. Camel Cuffed Joggers - Lizzie
    As low as £12.99 - 35% Regular Price £19.99
  3. Camel Off Shoulder Loungewear Set - Blake
    As low as £18.99 - 36% Regular Price £29.98
  4. Camel Sheared Hem Joggers - Wynter
    As low as £8.99 - 55% Regular Price £19.98
  5. Camel Oversized Fleece Long Sleeve Front Pocket Drawstring Hoodie - Deja
    As low as £6.99 - 75% Regular Price £28.99
  6. Camel Boxy Elasticated Sleeve Loungewear Set - Cassidy
    As low as £26.99 - 50% Regular Price £53.98
  7. Camel Contrast String Cuffed Loungewear Set - Mercy
    As low as £25.99 - 50% Regular Price £51.98
  8. Camel Ribbed Ruched Crop Top Loungewear Set - Mandy
    As low as £8.00 - 81% Regular Price £43.98
  9. Neon Pink High Waisted Lightweight Joggers - Kimora
    As low as £4.99 - 75% Regular Price £19.98
  10. Neon Pink Elasticated Joggers - Lea
    As low as £4.99 - 66% Regular Price £14.98
  11. Camel High Neck Zip Up Fleece Sweatshirt - Tess
    As low as £9.99 - 61% Regular Price £25.98
  12. Neon Pink Cuffed Slim Leg Joggers - Kylie
    As low as £12.99 - 50% Regular Price £25.98
  13. Camel High Waisted Fitted Cuffed Joggers - Payton
    As low as £14.99 - 50% Regular Price £29.98
  14. Camel Ribbed Knitted Crew Neck Leggings Loungewear Set - Nancy
    As low as £31.99 - 50% Regular Price £63.98
  15. Camel Leopard Print Long Sleeve Loungewear Set - Imogen
    As low as £24.99 - 50% Regular Price £49.98
  16. Camel Leggings Crop Top Loungewear Set - Milana
    As low as £8.00 - 79% Regular Price £39.98
  17. Camel Stripe Boxy Top Loungewear Two Piece Set - Ashley
    As low as £17.99 - 50% Regular Price £35.98
  18. Camel Tie Front Wrap Loungewear Set - Cabot
    As low as £8.00 - 80% Regular Price £41.98
  19. Camel Ribbed Puff Sleeve Loungewear Set - Amari
    As low as £18.99 - 40% Regular Price £31.98
  20. Camel Long Sleeve Loungewear Set - Dua
    As low as £8.00 - 79% Regular Price £39.98
  21. Camel Crew Neck Cropped Loungewear Set - Lola
    As low as £8.00 - 78% Regular Price £37.98
  22. Camel Oversize Leggings Loungewear Set - Justine
    As low as £8.00 - 79% Regular Price £39.98
  23. Camel Long Sleeve V Neck Leggings Loungewear Set - Acadia
    As low as £8.00 - 80% Regular Price £41.98
  24. Camel Long Sleeve Top Joggers Loungewear Set - Destiny
    As low as £18.99 - 36% Regular Price £29.98
  25. Camel Knitted Hoodie Drop Hem Jumper Mini Dress - Agatha
    As low as £18.99 - 54% Regular Price £41.98
  26. Camel Metallic Cropped Hoodie Co-ord - Melissa
    As low as £17.99 - 59% Regular Price £43.98
  27. Camel Frill Waist Loungewear Set - Charli
    As low as £20.99 - 47% Regular Price £39.98
  28. Camel Front Tie One Shoulder Loungewear Set - Kayla
    As low as £17.99 - 55% Regular Price £39.98
  29. Camel With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set - Shani
    As low as £7.99 - 68% Regular Price £24.98
  30. Neon Pink Reflective High Vis Joggers- Felicity
    As low as £15.99 - 55% Regular Price £35.98
  31. Neon Green Reflective High Vis Joggers - Felicity
    As low as £9.99 - 50% Regular Price £19.98
  32. Neon Pink Stripe Collar Loungewear Set - Destiny
    As low as £9.99 - 50% Regular Price £19.98
  33. Camel Stripe Collar Loungewear Set - Destiny
    As low as £9.99 - 50% Regular Price £19.98
  34. Neon Pink Skinny Fit Joggers - Mia
    As low as £15.99 - 42% Regular Price £27.98
  35. Camel Skinny Fit Joggers - Mia
    As low as £15.99 - 42% Regular Price £27.98
  36. Neon Pink Mesh Flare Sleeve Knitted Loungewear Co-Ord - Kai
    As low as £22.99 - 54% Regular Price £49.98
  37. Camel Boxy Stripe Loungewear - Zelda
    As low as £7.99 - 77% Regular Price £35.98
  38. Camel Cuffed Joggers - Zoey
    As low as £4.99 - 77% Regular Price £21.98
  39. Camel Femme Slogan Print Loungewear - Pheobe
    As low as £15.99 - 55% Regular Price £35.98
  40. Camel Digital Number Print Loungewear - Cristalle
    As low as £4.99 - 83% Regular Price £29.98
  41. Camel Ribbed High Neck Loungewear Set - Esmerelda
    As low as £16.99 - 55% Regular Price £37.98
  42. Camel Cable Knit Loungewear Set - Robina
    As low as £9.99 - 50% Regular Price £19.98
  43. Camel Balloon Sleeve Off the Shoulder Loungewear Set - Hollie
    As low as £4.99 - 86% Regular Price £35.98
  44. Camel Stripe Hooded Crop Loungewear Set - Hallie
    As low as £4.99 - 80% Regular Price £25.98
  45. Camel Drawstring Loungewear Jumpsuit - Bessie
    As low as £20.99 - 54% Regular Price £45.98
  46. Camel Ribbed T-shirt Tie Flared Loungewear - Billie
    As low as £14.99 - 55% Regular Price £33.98
  47. Camel Boxy Ripped Knee Loungewear Set - Bobbie
    As low as £4.99 - 83% Regular Price £29.98
  48. Camel Fleecy Oversized Hoodie - Alex
    As low as £4.99 - 50% Regular Price £9.98
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