10 Celebrity Perfume Favourites

We’ve compiled a list of 10 celebrity perfume favourites including everyone from Rihanna to Princess Diana so you can smell just as good as they do! We can’t give you the luxe lifestyle but we can make sure you turn heads with a signature celebrity perfume. We’ve included a range of low, mid and high priced options so you can smell like an A-lister on any budget. Every celebrity perfume on the list has a link so you can drop some not-so-subtle Christmas prezzie hints (we got you).

Celebrity perfume #1

If you’ve ever wondered what wealth smells like, this celebrity perfume is the closest thing you’ll find. Libre Intense is loved by none other than Dua Lipa who is a YSL ambassador. This celebrity perfume has dominant notes of orange blossom with a touch of aromatic lavender.

Celebrity perfume #2

Chanel No.5 is arguably one of the best celebrity perfumes of all time thanks to Miss Marilyn Monroe. It’s described as the ‘very essence of femininity’ by Chanel and is a timeless celebrity perfume that will never go out of style.

Celebrity perfume #3

This unisex celebrity perfume is favourited and fronted by Harry Styles. If floral scents aren’t for you, this musky celebrity perfume has base notes of clean sandalwood with just a hint of almond. This smells exactly like those sensual hot summer nights you crave all year long.

Celebrity perfume #4

When it comes to Celebrities favourite perfumes, none are quite as iconic as Hermès’ 24 Faubourg Eau de Parfum. This is rumoured to be the fragrance Diana, Princess of Wales wore every day. If you fancy smelling like royalty, this celebrity perfume is surprisingly not the most expensive on our list at *only* £88.

Celebrity perfume #5

Ever wondered what perfumes do celebrities wear? Specifically, what perfume does Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wear? Well, we can confirm that she is a big fan of the Wild Bluebell Cologne by Jo Malone. This celebrity perfume has a fresh floral scent with a subtle undertone of persimmon.

Celebrity perfume #6

Keeping with the royal theme, Emma Corrin who portrays Lady Di in The Crown is a big fan of Marrakech by Aesop. It’s a dark and spicy celebrity perfume that isn’t particularly easy to pull off so make sure to trial this one first.

Celebrity perfume #7

This celebrity perfume that Rihanna can’t live without is famed for its sweet orange blossom fragrance with notes of marshmallow and vanilla. If you’re interested in stealing RiRi’s scent, prepare to fork out a pretty penny as this celebrity perfume comes with a price tag of £185. We wouldn’t expect any less tbh.

Celebrity perfume #8

Another YSL celebrity perfume is Opium, an intoxicating blend of coffee, vanilla and white flower. This world famous celebrity perfume is loved by supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Celebrity perfume #9

Okay so this may not technically be a perfume but it is what Kylie Jenner wears so it counts! This is definitely the cheapest celebrity perfume on the list at just £13 so you won’t be breaking the bank for this summer inspired scent.

Celebrity perfume #10

Le Labo Santal 33 is one of the most popular perfumes celebrities wear with Alexa Chung and Justin Bieber being huge fans. Yes, this is a unisex celebrity perfume blended with 33 ingredients to create a distinctive smoky aroma.

Time to hit the department stores and make use out of those sample cards as you shop for celebrity perfumes. You’re not going to leave empty handed!

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