PSA: it’s officially spooky szn so it’s time to start planning your group Halloween costumes for those events you’ve got lined up with your besties. Even though it feels like summer was two minutes ago, you need to get ahead of the curve so you don’t end up wearing the same group Halloween costume as everyone else. Whether you’re looking for NSFW group Halloween costumes or something a bit more family friendly, we’ve covered all bases. You’re gonna be the best dressed ghouls in the graveyard with these hauntingly hot group Halloween costumes (if all else fails, keep it simple with a black dress and cat ears).

Mean Girls

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Looking for a group of 4 Halloween costume ideas? You’ll be instantly recognisable when you dress up as the infamous Plastics.

Destiny's Child

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Take it back to the 00s with this girl group Halloween costume. If, unlike Saweetie, you haven’t got the ability to dress as all 3 members yourself, get your best girls together to properly pull off the look.


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If you just need a general group Halloween costume idea, why not browse the 2000s fashion archives on Pinterest? We’re thinking Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears… you get the idea.


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When it comes to a group of 3 Halloween costumes, keep it classic as Cher, Dionne and Tai. There’s so many iconic outfits in this cult classic so take your pick!

Power Rangers

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Thanks to Kylie Jenner and crew, we’ve got the perfect group of 5 Halloween costume idea that’ll take all the arguing out of who gets to wear the cutest outfit.

The Sanderson Sisters

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If you fancy something a bit more on theme, go for this (mildly) scary group Halloween costume. No, it’s not gonna be causing any screams but it’s still witchy.

The Powerpuff Girls

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On the flip side, if this year has been scary enough and you want something a bit lighter go for this cute group Halloween costume instead.

The Spice Girls

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Okay we admit this one has been done a fair bit, but it’s one of the best group Halloween costumes for a reason… you get to dress up as The Spice Girls. That’s it, that’s the whole reason.

101 Dalmatians

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If you’ve got a lot of mates, this is a good group Halloween costume idea. Just pick one person to go as Cruella and everyone else can dress up as a Dalmatian (go as PG or as grown-up as ya like).

Disney Princesses

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Show ‘em the Disney princesses are all grown up with this hot group Halloween costume (sorry for ruining your childhood). 

October 31st is creeping up on us fast so send this group Halloween costume blog to your best ghoul-friends now to get the ball rolling!

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