4 Things You Need To Add To Your Summer Checklist

Now that the weather is finally (!) warming up, it’s safe to say that summer is just around the corner. There’s nothing better than chilling in the sun, topping up your tan and relaxing with a cold drink. Just because we’re responsible AF and working that 9-5 grind, doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate what the summer has to offer! If you’re like us and are looking for some serious ways to increase your fun this summer, then we’ve totally got you, babe! Here’s the four things we want to add to the top of our summer checklist RN.


Camping not really your thing but you still want to spend some time outdoors? Then, why not try camping’s glamorous sister, glamping. If you’re looking for a super affordable trip away with your bae, soaking up the sun and loving life in the jacuzzi, or have a boozy time with the girls planned, then glamping is the chiller version of ‘roughing’ it. So, there’s no need to worry about getting mud in any crevice of your body! Pass us the prosecco, please.

Try That Insta Approved Food

Ok, so you’ve been scrolling through insta and found the most insane dessert restaurant, that sizzlin’ burger joint or anything else that just looks delish. The only problem? It’s not even close to you! But who cares gal, it’s summer and everything is better in summer! Why not dive in head first and try and find the insta food you’ve been drooling over? We’ll meet you there, doll.


If you love music, then soaking up the summer sun (hopefully! We all know what English Weather can be like) and listening to your fav artists live is the place you need to be. With the glasto line up looking amaze representing with a strong female line up, you’d be crazy to miss this. So grab your best gals and head down to have the summer of a life time. If you love music but tryna’ ball on a budget, why not try a small low-key local fest with your best pals. P.S we have some fire festival approved fits to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Go To An Outdoor Cinema

We get it. Sometimes going to the cinema can be boring, you have to spend too much on tickets, and let’s not even get started on how much a large popcorn and drink will cost. Instead, why not think about watching that new blockbuster you’ve been dying to see AND watch the sunset too! Talk about romantic! As an added bonus, you can even bring your own little picnic too and what could be better than that? This is definitely one we want to check off our list ASAP!

So, those are our top picks for the hottest things to be doing this summer and they'll be sure to make all your insta followers super jel!

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