5 Benefits Of Organic Food

Been wondering whether to go organic or not, girl? With September historically know for its period of harvest, there’s officially no better way to honour organic September - yep, it’s a thing - than by getting your lifestyle choices in check. But what is organic food and why should you go organic? Organic food is produce (such as meat, eggs and milk) that’s resourced by farmers who are committed to preserving nature's nutrients by avoiding synthetic hormones, fertilizers and antibiotics, whilst also maintaining adequate living conditions for livestock. Sound good? That’s not all! With many claims, research and data suggesting that going organic is actually better for you, it seems like a no brainer. Right, boo? To help you make that o-mazing transition, we’ve rounded up some of the key benefits of organic food and farming.

1. Organic Food *Actually* Tastes Better

First and foremost: organic food really does taste better. Wanna know why? Organic farming means that manufacturers spend a lot of time ensuring standards are met. They take time nurturing crops, ultimately leading to better quality food, which, in turn, improves its overall taste. Organic food is also said to have a greater level of antioxidants that are essential for the body’s immune system - what’s not to love?

2. It Contains A Higher Nutritional Value

If you’re looking for a good reason to ditch your conventional go-to’s for more organic produce, then its nutritional value holds some serious advantages. Organic fruit and veg is grown in soil that has not been enriched with fertilizers or pesticides. The produce is nurtured in biologically active soils meaning that it naturally contains much higher levels of goodness, including more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

 3. No Use Synthetic Hormones, Fertilisers Or Antibiotics

When it comes to buying organic products, it’s essential to know that farmers absolutely do not use any synthetic pesticides, hormones, fertilisers or antibiotics. This means you can be sure your organic chicken, organic eggs and any other organic crops will not contain any bad ingredients which have been shown to increase the risk of cancer.

4. Better Treatment Of Animals

You can defo care for animal welfare without being a vegetarian, boo. Organic farming means better treatment of animals, as farmers are required to work under strict guidelines in order to maintain adequate living conditions. For example, organic chicken will not be genetically modified to be made bigger nor will it be expected to live in overcrowded areas - a reality of animals that are mass produced for conventional farming.

5. Better For The Environment

Believe it or not, organic farming is actually better for the environment and could help tackle climate change. This is because it uses less energy and reduces the amount of pollution being let off into the atmosphere. It further enhances the quality of the soil which in fact poses less risk for the environment.

So is organic food actually better for you? Well, that’s totally up to you! Whilst it generally has more health benefits, it is a more expensive option. If you’re wondering where to shop for organic food, then be sure to check out which produce is manufactured locally, or look out for organic stickers on products in shops!

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