5 Boss Babe Ways To Boost Confidence At Work

So you’re prolly heard about the gender pay gap in the workplace, but what about the confidence gap? If you’re struggling to feel confident at work, you’re totally not alone, girl. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight, but taking small steps to get that boss babe mindset well underway could totally transform your working life. Ready to own it at the office and boost your confidence in your 9-5? Get clued up on 5 ways to boost your confidence at work.

Own Your Success

You go, Glen Coco! There is no shame in celebrating your worth and your successes. If you’re prone to telling yourself not to ‘boast’ or be ‘big headed’, take a moment to stop and allow yourself to celebrate your achievements and give yourself credit. There is no shame in sharing with your colleagues that you totally smashed that presentation or that you’re super proud of a piece of work. Share these good vibes with everyone in your office. Build a culture in your work squad that promotes everyone bringing each other up, instead of tearing each other down. When someone celebrates a success, suggest going for a congratulatory lunch or coffee - everyone is gonna want to be in your circle. Of course, always remember to give yourself this treatment too, ‘cos you’re deffo worth it!

Push Back

You don’t have to be an artist to know when it’s time to draw the line. Trust your gut, follow your instincts and know when it’s time to say NO. If you’re swamped with a pile of work mounted on your desk, it’s okay to say to your work frenemy that you can’t help out on that project on this occasion. Managing your priorities and focusing on the most important bits first will guarantee your full attention and your best work, giving you the confidence to know that your work is the sh*t. Get yourself a reputation as a strong independent woman, Destiny’s Child style.

If At First You Don’t Succeed...

There are two ways to look at making mistakes. You can f*ck up, debate quitting and hide in the toilets for a quick cry, or you can pick yourself back up, learn from it and come back stronger. If your current mindset is kinda like the first part of that sentence, it’s time for a mindset intervention. Behave like a total girlboss and don’t let failure stop you. Look at the mistakes you’ve made with a new, positive vibe and learn from ‘em with gratitude that you’re getting better everyday. Your confidence at work will make you the new office fave.

Be Assertive

Afraid to speak up, ask questions or give ideas in brainstorms? Being assertive at work is pretty scary, we get it, but it could be the key to slayin’ that 9-5 and nailing that meeting, Be assertive when you’re in a group setting, raise that hand, girl and share your ideas - what’s the worst that could happen? Every idea that you contribute brings you one step closer to solving a problem, so make sure that your voice is heard. Bring that assertive attitude to all areas of your work to secure star status. Need something from your office girl gang? Go ahead and ask ‘em like you mean it!


Be a woman with a plan and set #goals all day long for a super easy way to boost confidence at work. Whether it’s an extra project you wanna work on, a new skill you’re dying to master, or a promotion that you’ve got your eye on, you can do it, boo. Set milestones that lead up to your goal and treat yourself to some little rewards along the way (be it coffee, or tequila shots after work) to keep that motivation going. Knowing that you’re hittin’ these goals will take that confidence all the way up and show everyone at your workplace that you really mean business.

Confidence is key, girl. Take on these tips and take your #girlboss status to the next level! Shop our workwear collection here to own office dressing.

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