5 Dream Travel Locations On Our Bucketlist

These long summer days have got us daydreaming about all the travel destis on our hitlist! If you’re finding yourself sat in the office thinking about the places you wanna head to, you’re totally not alone. Whether you’re after an Instagrammable spot that’s gonna make your Insta look incred, you’re interested in exploring different cultures or you’re in need of a zen vibe to detox all the bad vibes from your life, we’ve got you covered with these 5 inspirational travel spots.


thailand scenerythailand boat tripthailand street food

After a destination that gives you the ultimate combo of party, chill and culture? Head to Thailand for a totally unique experience that you’ll always remember. Start your days exploring the islands with a boat trip and some snorkelling, visit a temple and be blessed by a monk, then head for some delicious (and amazingly cheap!) street food, before partying the night away at a jungle party.

Elafonisi Beach

pink beach greeceturtles on pink beachelafonisi beach

What’s even more amaze than a beautiful beach? A beautiful pink beach! We’re obsessed with the Elafonisi beach in Crete, Greece. This picturesque spot has a huge spread of pink sand and crystal blue waters. Secure a srsly insane Insta pic, or check out some of the cute turtles that inhabit the island. Finish off your day with some of the insane local Greek food.

Cayman Islands

starfish pointswimming horsesbioluminescent plankton

This tropical Caribbean hotspot has the clearest waters in the world, how amaze! With so many things to get up to, like scuba diving to see all the starfish at starfish point, riding a swimming horse in the sea, to experiencing the magical bioluminescent plankton that live in the sea who make the water glow with a bright light when disturbed. Top up your tan or have a couple of cocktails at Rum Point for an unforgettable trip!


burano italy

colourful houses burano


Located on an island just off Venice, Italy, Burano has been dubbed the world’s ‘most colourful city’ and is deffo worth ticking off on your bucket list if you're a city break lover! With amaze multicoloured buildings, boats and streets, it’s an insane desti that is well worth a trip. Dine out on amaze Italian food and try some homemade pasta or treat yourself to a couple of glasses of the local vino (all in the name of culture!) for a unique holiday.

Coron Island

phillipenes island

coron island

coron island phillipenes

If you fancy heading to an unspoiled, beautifully natural spot to restore your zen and be at one with nature, head to Coron Island in the Philippines for maximum chill. If adventure is your thing, head to shipwreck spots where you can dive in and explore 12 well preserved Japanese ships from World War 2, or if you’re looking for some me-time, meditate under one of the stunning waterfalls or chill out on the white sandy beaches.

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