5 Films You Need To Watch On Netlfix Rn

Sometimes, all you need is a good night in, relaxing on the couch and seeing what’s your next watch. Whether you're laughing, crying or anything in between, what better way is there to spend a lazy sunday than binge watching some classics on the ‘flix! Sometimes, finding the right film, for the right mood at the right time can seem almost impossible, but here are our top five picks on what you need to watch on Netflix RN!

Get Out

Reaching the meet-the-parents stage is a massive step in any relationship, but when Chris meets Rose’s parents, things really aren’t what they seem. A somewhat seemingly normal family, reveal a dark hidden secret in a gruesome attempt at pro-longing life, by any means. Jordan Peele’s satirical horror film Get Out, states the importance of racial alienation and is deffo’ one that you need to add to your watch list ASAP.
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Annie, a single woman whose life is a general mess, finds out that her longtime best friend is engaged, and has no choice but to obvs be her maid of honour. Soon finding a rival in her besties new BFF, Annie’s jealousy overcomes her maid of honour duties, leading her and the rest of the bridesmaids down a wild road on the way to the wedding.
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Velvet Buzzsaw

Jake Gyllenhaal plays acclaimed art critic Morf, whose opinion is highly valued in the art world. Basically, whatever he says, goes. After paintings by an unknown artist are discovered, a bizarre supernatural force takes revenge on those who have allowed their own greed and rudeness to get in the way of what true art is, leading to some crazy consequences.
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Murder Mystery

A married couple try to reignite the spark in their relationship and embark on an European vacation for their 15th anniversary. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger leaves them to be framed for the murder of an eldery billionare. In a classic twist of a ‘whodunit’, the dynamic duo of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is really what makes this film a must watch!
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Legally Blonde

A classic chick flick, Legally Blonde centres on the journey of self discovery and why chasing a boy is never a good idea. A fashionable sorority queen, Elle, follows her now ex boyfriend to Harvard Law School and figures out there's more to life than just looks! Giving us some iconic lines that we’re still using to this day, is exactly what makes this film an effortless rewatch!
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Grab the popcorn, get chill in your pj’s, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready for a massive netflix binge with our top pick of what films you’ve got to watch RN!

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