5 Fruits For Glowing Skin

Exhausted by all beauty products, and searchin’ for a more natural way to brighten up your skin? Well your beauty regime just got simpler, boo! Fruit is the ultimate addition to your diet and will guarantee a radiant glow without having to try, like, a million different products! Filled with tons of nutritious goodness, including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fruit is a total game changer when it comes to achieving fresh looking skin. Whether you already eat your daily requirement of 5 fruits and vegetables a day, or - like us - you just don’t eat enough, we’ve rounded up some of our fave 5 fruits to help you nail that healthy glow. From fruit smoothies to fruit bowls, you’ll defo be adding these juicy fruities to your next shop!



Radiant, bright, and just - well - very enviable! You’ve probably seen tons of products enriched with this citrus fruits best known quality: vitamin C. And it's why we strongly recommend you try *actually* eating it before you spend a sickening amount on a Sunday Riley vitamin C serum - we've been there. Filled with lots of vitamin C, which boosts collagen formation, and rich with antioxidants, oranges are a diet staple for managing glowy skin. Most favourable in smoothies, eating one orange will get you on your way to clear skin. For a fresh looking complexion, apply any leftover orange juice to your face for an instantly brighter look.



If you prefer citrus fruits with a lower glycemic index - for slower digesting and metabolism boosting benefits - a grapefruit is our fave alternative to oranges. Containing over half of your daily vitamin C recommendation, and lower in calories and sugar, grapefruits can provide your skin with almost identical benefits. Eating grapefruit contributes to the reproduction of collagen, which is vital for that youthful appearance, and is important for keeping your flesh fresh. Eat one a day as a safe snack, or add to your bottled water and drink your way to glowy skin.



We heart these fruits for helping us achieve that youthful, summer glow. Not only do they taste amazing, they’re full of antioxidants, including phenolic antioxidants, which are overall important for maintaining the body’s health. These antioxidants support the collagen producing citrus fruits by helping to prevent collagen from breaking down. Strawberries are the perfect summer snack, and a tasty addition to your diet. Make sure they’re nice and red as that’s where all the goodness lies!



An apple a day keeps the doctor away… We’ve heard it, what, how many times? But that’s not to say this popular maxim doesn’t fulfil its performance potential. Not only do apples contain important vitamins and minerals that help maintain overall health, these juicy additions also contribute to youthful looking skin. Apples are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and C which help prevent premature aging, thus promoting a younger looking appearance. Enjoy an apple in a fruit salad, by itself or add to any meal for an exotic twist. Place cut up apples on tired looking skin for a moisture boost that boasts instant freshness.



When life gives you lemons, use them to improve your complexion! Whether you’ve got oily skin and want to reduce those natural oils, or are hoping to reduce skin damage or inflammation, lemons are a dietary staple. Another citrus fruit that encourages a natural glowy appearance, it’s a simple and effective addition to your daily intake. Whilst they might be a lil too sour to add to eat by themselves, add cut up lemons to ice cold water for a refreshing drink that’s filled with benefits. Glow, girl, glow.
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