5 Hangover Cures To See You Through The Weekend

The weekend is finally here and despite the fact that you’ve been congratulating yourself out loud to all your colleagues all week about how you’re “actually having a weekend in”, you’ve found yourself giving into the temptation of the sesh and planning a messy one. Whether it’s a big event watching your fave DJs, a glam night on the town with your girls or just a night in having a gossip with a bottle or three of Sauvignon Blanc, one thing is for sure- there’s a hangover comin’. If you know you’re gonna be cocooned in that duvet feeling sorry for yourself all weekend, be smart before you hit the shots and stock up on some of these foolproof hangover cures!

Fizzy Friends

fizzy drink hangover

Yes, they aren’t the healthiest choice and no, they won’t magically erase that hangover, but having a stock of cold fizzy drinks in the fridge will deffo give your mood an instant boost. Whether you’re a cola fan (treat yourself to the red can instead of diet for once) or you’re going all exotic with a tropical fizzy drink, enjoy yours ice cold while you kick back in bed. Try to go for a drink that you didn’t use as a mixer the night before to prevent flashbacks of you necking one too many at the bar.

Pizza Party

pizza hangover cure

The ultimate combo of fat and carbs, a pizza is your godsend when you’re feelin’ rough. Nip out before your big night and grab your fave flavour in a microwavable version (put it in the oven the night before if you’re super prepared) or go all out and treat yourself to a dirty Dominos. Surround yourself with dips and sides and indulge in bed as you binge on your fave Netflix series - we won’t judge.

Shower Power

shower hangover cure

As awful as the thought of actually having to get out of bed is, force yourself to get up and into the shower, you’ll be feeling like a new woman in an instant. Go for a long hot shower or blast some super cold water for an instant wakeup (perf if you’ve got plans you need to head to later on) and use your fave shampoo and conditioner to wash last night’s sins away. Get some of your fave tunes on and bring last night’s party vibes to your bathroom!

All The Feels

emotional hangover

Sometimes when you’re feeling dead all you need is to let it out with a good cry, whether you’re watching super cute vids on Insta or a srsly sad movie. Let those feels out and treat yourself to your fave flicks, whether you’re in the mood for Titanic or The Notebook, sometimes you just gotta let it out! Line up your fave movies the night before so that you’re not stuck scrolling hopelessly through Netflix with a bangin’ head. Try not to take it too far and text that f*ckboy ex of yours though, or your hangover will linger around for longer than you’d like.

Hit Snooze

snooze hangover

As boring as it may seem, one of the best hangover cures out there is as simple as catching some Zzzs. Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary the night before you go out by making your bed up with extra pillows, spraying some lavender spray on your bedding and laying out a sleep mask and earplugs. Your body will totally thank you!

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