5 Reasons Why Having A Work Wife Is Life

Having a work bestie actually makes going to work fun (well..almost).

1. She’s Like A Free Therapist


Problems with your manager? Family drama? Argument with your boyfriend? Work bae is here to listen to all your probs and she always knows the right thing to say. Rant for hours and she never gets annoyed cos’ she knows you’d do the same for her!

2. She’s Your Partner In Crime


You can’t imagine doing after work drinks or hitting the office Christmas party without her. She’s your sidekick and a total bad influence, but always makes the night one to remember. “Come on, let’s just do one more tequila shot” is her catchphrase. She always turns the evening into a blackout night, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. She’s Always Up For Eating


You both look at the sad salads you made last night in an attempt to be healthy AF, before looking at each other and saying “shall we just get McDonalds?” erm…yes! A good friend is one that’s always up for chicken nuggets. Your work bestie doesn’t judge as you go all out, dipping your chips into your milkshake and even suggests grabbing a choc bar from the vending machine afterwards. Bonus!

4. She Backs Up Your Ideas


When it’s hard to be heard in a meeting with everyone fighting for attention, your work BFF steps in to get that killer idea of yours heard. We all need a lil backup from time to time and she’s always fighting your corner.

5. She’s In On All Your Jokes


From the secret nicknames of your colleagues to a library of embarrassing Snapchat vids of your work squad, she’s in on all those private jokes that instantly lighten the mood. Whether it’s fired off on emails or whispered across the desk, you’re both laughing away, that is until your boss clocks on.


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