5 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

Still scrollin’ through small tattoo ideas on Pinterest, but can’t seem to find the perfect one for you and your bestie? We hear you, babe! From your first promotion to your first breakup, it’s fair to say our besties have seen it all, right, girl? Pay homage to your friendship by getting a tattoo that really shows ‘em your twinnin’ nature. From small wrist tattoos for channelling those cute indie vibes, to small ankle tattoos that make your feet look amaze, we've got cute small tattoos for any part of your bod. Whether you’re into floral, hearts or prefer something a lil more meaningful, we’ve rounded up some of our fave small tattoos that you n’ your bestie will love!

Small Butterfly Tattoos

small butterfly tattoo

So you and your bestie have been all over the butterfly print trend and want a tattoo that represents your shared love of life? Gotcha, doll. We LOVE small butterfly tattoos when it comes to expressing our soul and recommend getting this small tattoo in a place where everyone can see it! Personalise with your fave colours for a unique look or go all matchy-matchy with your best gal for the ultimate best friend tattoo.

Small Flower Tattoo

small flower tattoo

Want a small tattoo that really captures how your friendship continues to blossom? Flowers are the ultimate symbol for growth, which is why we suggest getting a small flower tattoo on your arm or wrist for a subtle and chic tattoo that’ll look perf’ with any outfit. With tons of different floral meanings and symbols, from that classic rose tattoo we all love, to more small and delicate flower art, we know this tattoo will look blooming gorgeous!

Small Meaningful Tattoos

small meaningful tattoo

Been besties for, like, ever and want something that shows exactly what you and your gal are about? Whether it’s a word that describes you both, or a shared interest that first brought you together, we love small meaningful tattoos for a more customised touch that’ll make it unique to your friendship. Whilst it’s best to leave the inking to the professional, why not make the tattoo really special by having the tattoo in each other’s handwriting?

Small Elephant Tattoos

small elephant tattoo

Wanderlusts? Or just love elephants? Either way, we are totally keen for small elephant tattoos to really embrace your spiritual side. With elephants being a symbol of loyalty and companionship, this is the perf’ tattoo to get with your bestie. Get it on your pinky for an ultra subtle tattoo that represents the promise of your life long friendship.

Small Heart Tattoo

small heart tattoo

From countless DMCs to the heat behind that text to the guy you’re speakin’ to, your girl squad are always at the heart of the drama, both good and bad. Since your besties can’t always be close, why not get a small heart tattoo to really highlight your friendship and to remind you of your nearest when things are tough? We love this tattoo behind the ear to signify all the times they’ve listened!

Found the perfect tattoo to get with your bestie? Glam up by adding some of our sizzling accessories to really make tattoo pop!

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