5 Spiritual Accounts You Need To Be Following RN!

In need of a little spiritual healing? While staying away from Instagram is usually encouraged when you’re trying to get in touch with your spiritual side, we actually recommend dipping into some of these ‘grams for some srsly good vibes. Use these accounts to motivate, educate and inspire you on your spiritual journey. Here are 5 spiritual accounts to add to your follow list RN!


We’re LOVING @healingenergytools feed, it’s refreshed every single day with a message from the universe that always seems to hit home. With gorge gradient colours, all the quotes are totally repostable, so you can show everyone on your Insta that your vibes are high AF right now.


From affirmations, to astrology, educate yourself with the help of @anniethealchemist ‘s fab Insta account! This is one of our go-tos for informative posts that help with everything from manifestation, to meditation and alignment to abundance. You can also check out annie’s website for more info.


Reiki healer Toni gives you an instant sense of calm and tranquility as soon as you land on her Instagram, @_the_zen_den! Learn more about reiki, chakras and crystal healing, or simply take in the inspirational quotes that will totally transform your day and is a total winner when it comes to spiritual Instagram accounts.


With positive affirmations, daily reminders to look on the bright side and motivational quotes with a side of killer advice, positive mindset coach Melanie of @melanietaylorcoach is a must follow. With a super ‘grammable pink and purple feed and inspo on all things positive, you’ll be reposting away.


Prepare to learn TONS about all things spiritual with the help of @crystalreikihealer! This insanely amazing Insta account provides insight into all aspects of spiritual life. We especially love her info on spirit animals, bathtime healing and crystals. Warning - you will spend hours on here, this is one of our fave spiritual Instagram accounts!

Feelin’ high vibe right now, babe? Us too! Make sure you give these fire accounts a follow and swap stalking your ex for a peek at their posts.

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