5 Stages Of Pay Day

After the year long month of January, pay day is finally here! Whether you’ve got bills to catch up on, a huge wish list on our app that you’re planning on ordering or heading out-out with the girls this weekend, we can guarantee that your bank balance is definitely gonna be taking a hit one way or another. Here are 5 stages of pay day that everyone can totally relate to...

1. Before Getting Paid

Week 38 without getting paid… Well, at least it feels like it. You're on rations, you desperately need to get your nails done and your car is working on the last dregs of petrol and a lil bit of air... Pay day, please hurry.

2. As Soon As We Get Paid

Cha Ching! Finally time to spend these dollar bills babyyyy! Need a new outfit? It's on me. 3 course meal? I'll take care of the bill. Happy hour? It's 2-4-1 anyway! After what felt like the longest month of your life, it's definitely about time to treat yourself.

3. Spend Spend Spend

Is shopping really an addiction? We love to play the game of risking checking out at the till with a big pile of clothes to see if our card gets declined or not. If it doesn't, score! But if it does, that's probably for the best. In the words of Ariana Grande, whoever said money can't solve your problems, must not have had enough money to solve 'em! Spend until your heart is content, boo.

4. The Regret Starts To Sink In

Did you really need that new outfit? Should you have really bought everyone 2 rounds of drinks last weekend? Regret starts to sink in and it definitely doesn't feel good.

5. Feeling The Pinch

Reality slowly hits, you're nearly back to square one. Beans and toast for tea it is then? Gotta spare the change somehow.

6. Pay Day Who?

Bank balance = £0.00. Pay day seems like a long time ago when in reality it was only last Friday. But at least you've got some new fire 'fits to get you through the rest of the month, right?

With pay day finally here, be sure to treat yourself and shop all of our hot new drops on our New In page. Happy shopping, babe!

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