5 Vegan Lipstick Brands To Put On Your Radar

We’ve done the hard work for you and found the top 5 vegan lipstick brands you need in your life right now (you’re welcome babe). Vegan lipstick is a lot more mainstream than you might think, heard of Charlotte Tilbury by any chance? That’s right - you’ve probably even got some vegan products already in your makeup bag. To be qualified as a vegan lipstick, a product must be made without any animal derived ingredients and most are also cruelty-free (this isn’t always the case, so make sure to check for the little bunny logo). You might be worried that those missing ingredients might impact the quality of the vegan lipstick but actually it makes no noticeable difference. You can expect the same full coverage, texture and longevity from your vegan lipstick as you would from your regular one! We’ve included a range of vegan lipstick uk brands and some further afield for the international girls. So for a kiss-proof pout without the guilt - a vegan lipstick will have you covered.

Colourpop Vegan Lipstick

The first brand on our list is the American-based favourite, Colourpop. Most products sold by the brand are vegan but the colourpop vegan lipstick is our fave. The only problem with the vegan lipstick range is the amount of choice! We rate the crème lux collection, it’s ultra pigmented and packed full of natural ingredients like Jojoba and Açai. The colourpop vegan lipstick range is budget friendly with prices starting from $8 (that’s around £5.80 for you UK girls). Top tip - you can get free delivery with orders over $50, so if you want more than a vegan lipstick, they have a huge collection of other vegan beauty products.

Nyx Butter Lipstick Vegan

Next up is Nyx, no doubt you’re already familiar with the world famous affordable brand since it’s sold in practically every health & beauty store in the UK. The brand has a huge range of vegan beauty products but we’re here to talk about the nyx butter lipstick vegan formula. The nyx butter lipstick vegan range comes in 12 shades, from trusty nudes to classic reds. This vegan lipstick made our list because the satin-like finish on this product means it doesn’t dry out your lips - so no flakey kisses here! The best bit is that you can virtually try on the nyx butter lipstick vegan range, so there’s no need to stress about ordering the wrong shade!

Luvia Vegan Lipstick

Luvia Cosmetics is a relatively new 100% vegan and cruelty-free German brand. The Luvia vegan lipstick is full coverage and enriched with moisturising vitamin E for a buttery soft feel. If you wanna bag more than a vegan lipstick, the entire brand is 100% cruelty free so you can create a beautiful look without compromise. We know that trying a new brand is always risky but fortunately you can check out the luvia vegan lipstick reviews to see for yourself that this is worth a buy!    

Charlotte Tilbury Vegan Lipstick

We couldn’t write a list on our fave vegan lipstick brands without including the Queen of makeup herself, Charlotte Tilbury. The charlotte tilbury vegan lipstick is our personal favourite because it really does stand the test of time and is completely bleed proof. Although it’s on the pricier side, we think this vegan lipstick is worth every penny with so many moisturising ingredients to give you that healthy hydrated look and feel. Our go-to charlotte tilbury vegan lipstick is the shade ‘Stoned Rose’ in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range (make sure to check the ingredients list before you buy as not every shade is vegan).

Inika Organic Vegan Lipstick

Last but definitely not least is Inika Organic, a mid-priced Australian brand for ethically-conscious babes. The inika certified organic vegan lipstick range comes in 11 shades and is available as a traditional lipstick or as a lipstick crayon if precision is your thing. This vegan lipstick is made from nourishing ingredients like Avocado and Argan oils for a flawless finish that’s built to last. If you live for a glossy, kissable finish - the inika certified organic vegan lipstick is the one for you.

If you’ve been on a lipstick hiatus since March 2020, chances are your products are out of date and you need a refresh. Re-start your collection with a vegan lipstick and watch as you completely overhaul your makeup bag with vegan beauty products.

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