5 Ways To #BeKind To Yourself


In light of recent events, we’re all being reminded that sensitivity and being kind to others is so crucial. Although the stigma around mental health has reduced, we’ve still gotta long way to go. Not only do you need to remember to be kind to others, you’ve gotta be kind to yourself, girl. In the words of Ru Paul “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. Start being kinder and looking after your mental health, then share this positivity and peace with others to help do your bit to make this planet a lil bit of a better place. Always find yourself talking negatively about yourself or struggling to be positive? We’ve got you, babe. Here are some super easy ways to be kind to yourself and look after your mental health.

It’s A Gym Thing

Whether you’re a self confessed gym bunny, or a shameless couch potato, we all know that it’s no secret that exercise does wonders for your mental health. The endorphins rush and energy release give you a channel to focus all of that negative energy into. Head to an intense spin class for a cardio hit, or boss the weights section for an instant pump. Head to a class to meet like-minded babes, or go solo and stick on your headphones with your fave tunes to zone out and zen it up. Invest in some srsly cute gym outfits to look and feel like a totally new woman.

Meditate, Don’t Hate

Find yourself constantly thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others? You might need a mental detox, babe. Clear your mind completely and take up meditation to zone in on positive energy. Not sure that meditation is your thing? No idea where to start? Grab your phone and download a meditation app. A guided meditation session will hold your hand through the first steps on your meditation journey. Turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary, light some candles, hit the lights and start your meditation session before bed to have the best sleep ever once you’re done. Train your brain and you’ll replace all those negative thoughts with stricly happy ones.

Food For Your Mood

As tempting as it is to reach for the grease when you’re feeling down, stay away from the fries and cook up some healthy food for an elevated mood (and a bangin’ bod, bonus). We suggest aiming to pile your plate high with as many colours as you can. Yep, that means beige food isn’t invited, sorry nugs and potato smiley faces! Make a rainbow salad with lettuce, peppers, sweetcorn, onion, tomato, broccoli and your fave protein source for a golden goddess glow that’ll totally radiate out of your skin. Not tried juicing yet? You haven’t lived, chick. Juice up some fresh fruit and veg to instantly digest all the nutrients. The benefits? Stunning skin, improved digestion, a lit from within glow and of course, enhanced mood.

Reading Is Fundamental

If the only reading you do is reading other gals on social media, it’s time for a serious overhaul of your attitude. If you’ve picked up bad habits and find yourself talking negatively about others, pick up a book and read up on some ways to switch up that mindset. With eBook apps available so that you can get your read on with just the tap of your finger, there is no excuse, girl. Search up some books on positivity, lifestyle, law of attraction and spirituality for a mood boosting fix that you can flick through in the morning, on your commute, or on your lunch break. Think of it as a diet from negative thoughts, every time you’re feelin’ those bad thoughts coming, dive into your book and you’ll switch up that mood in an instant.

Feel Like A Natural Woman

Cray work schedules, heavy partying and polluted city life can all take a srs toll on your mental health. Need a breather? There is nothing wrong with that at all, sometimes some time off is just what the doc ordered, chick. Get back to nature and head somewhere with some scenery and greenery, all that extra oxygen will leave you feelin’ fresh, we promise. Head out for a walk in the forest and clear your head from all that day-today drama. Not really your thing? Head to a beach and let the sound of the ocean calm your mind. Plus, you can treat yourself to an ice cream or two, you deserve it!

Being kind is an amazing thing, it can help yourself and others in so many ways. It’s free of charge, instant and definitely worthwhile. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues of any kind, reach out and speak to someone like Samaritans.

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