6 Childhood Trends That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic AF

For most of us, the early 2000’s are filled with memories of racing home from school to watch the latest episode of Lizzie McGuire while stuffing our faces with potato smileys and turkey dinosaurs (what a throwback!) Now, we’re into the mundane lives of the 9-5 grind while we wait all week just for the weekend. Sigh. Can you believe it’s actually 2019? Read some of our top childhoods trends you most definitely forgot about! Warning: scrolling through this blog will bring back feelings of nostalgia and will result in impulse buying bright blue eyeshadow, butterfly clips and blasting ‘Hollaback Girl’ as loud as you can!


A great invention, Heelys gave us the ability to walk, run or glide whenever we felt like it. Unlike the trainers that had come before, Heelys’ unique advantage point was the small wheel in the heel (hence the name) that made these trainers so cool. Rolling around everywhere was actually pretty cool and Heelys were the bomb in the early 2000’s (regardless of how long it took you to learn to use them or how many times you fell over with them on.)
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Rushing back home from school to check your Tamigotchi was still alive was nothing short of a daily routine back in the early 2000’s. Banned from (most??) schools across the country, Tamigotchi’s quickly grew in success and were one of the must have toys that was on everyone's christmas list! Coming back home and seeing your Tamigotchi had died was one of the most heartbreaking things I think we ever had to deal with as a child #RIP.

Tamagotchi Gif

Polly Pocket

Compact and easy to carry (but even easier to lose) Polly Pockets were an iconic toy of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Not to mention the agonising pain you felt when you accidentally stepped on a part that you’d left out. Oh, to be young and reckless again, sigh.
Polly Pocket Gif

My Scene

Ok, so is My Scene like a weird, very distant memory in anyone else’s mind or is that just us? From the creators of Barbie, My Scene was competition against Bratz Dolls which was aimed more toward the tween market as opposed to Barbie’s younger audience. Discontinued in 2008, My Scene also had their own Video/DVD’s, which now seems crazy to think they’ve been out of circulation for over 10 years #old.
My Scene Gif

Water Wiggles

Sometimes known as Water Snakes, Water Wiggles were one of the most bizzare toys to ever been invented, like, what was their purpose??? Was it meant to be a stress toy for children? Why did they pop so easily? Why was there fish and glitter in them? So many questions that will, sadly, never be answered.
Water Wiggles

Flip Phones

Was there anything more dramatic than snapping your phone shut after a dramatic AF argument with your bestie on the phone? Nope, didn’t think so. We wish these sassy little phones would make a come back just for the phone snapping nostalgia but alas, we’re too accustomed to our iphones which we’d deffo be nothing without now.
Flip Phone Gif
We hope this list has given your hella' nostalgia and reminded you of how good you had it when you were younger. Back when you didn't have to pay for your rent, bills, car, food and everything else that makes being an adult tragic.
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