6 Stages Of Your New Year's Eve Night Out


Now that Christmas is officially over, it’s time to start planning for the most awaited, built up and talked about night of the year… New Year’s Eve! You’ve got your perfect party dress at hand, matching heels and bag along with your hair and makeup planned out to perfection, but what actually happens on New Years Eve that makes this night so memorable? Whether you’re heading out-out with your BFFs to see the new year in or staying in with your family, we can guarantee that you’re gonna experiencing at least one of these stages below.

Getting Ready For New Years Eve

There is nothing more stressful than rushing to get ready, right? Winged eyeliner doesn’t even match, you can’t find your favourite lip liner, your hair just isn’t holding that curl and to top things off, your eyelash isn’t sticking down. YOU’RE STRESSED.

Pre Drinks

Once you've accepted the fact that your lashes are half glued on and your hair is a flop, it's finally time to relax and get drunk! Get the drinking games out and have a mini photoshoot with your BFF’s so you can post them allll over the ‘gram the next day. Even though your hair is a mess and your makeup hasn’t gone to plan, there’s always FaceTune, right?

It's Time To Head Out-Out!

It’s 10pm, you’ve just poured yourself a new drink but the taxi is here. One of your friends is rushing around trying to find her ID and the other one is already sat in the front seat of the taxi chatting nonsense to the taxi driver. It’s time to hit the club, babe!

It's Time To Party!

Finally, you’re out and you’re ready for a drink or 10 and to dance the night away! But in reality, the club is crowded, one of your friends has already had to persuade the bouncer to let her in because she’s black out drunk, another one is too busy texting her ex and you’re trying to squeeze yourself to the front of the bar to get those 2 for 1 cocktail in before happy hour ends.

The Countdown Is On

It's 10 minutes to midnight and the countdown is on. Will you get a New Years kiss? Probably not but who cares when you've got your girls by your side and a drink in your hand!

Happy New Year!

Have you even realised it's just gone 12 o'clock? Probably not. With the countdown over and the new year brought in, it's time to down some celebratory tequila shots and continue the night how we aim to continue the year.

2020, we see you!

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