6 Tips To Help You This World Mental Health Day

As most of you will know, Thursday October 10th is World Mental Health Day and we’re alllll about mental health here at Femme Luxe. A major part of keeping yourself fit and healthy is making sure your mental health is on track too, but we all know how life can get on top of us at times and the importance of good mental health. World Mental Health Day is an amaze day to raise awareness and highlight the issues that anyone can face, any day of the week. To celebrate #WMHD, we’re giving you our top tips to help get you through everyday.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

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We know it might sound obvious, but getting enough sleep each night is actually super important for our physical and mental health. Getting your head down for a regular amount of hours each night helps our brains to transmit important information that help to manage our emotions and moods.

Talk About Your Feelings

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Sometimes it can be embarrassing to talk about your feelings to your friends or family but openly expressing your emotions isn’t a sign of weakness and it’s also an amaze to keep yourself healthy. Talk to someone close to you if you feel like you’ve not been yourself lately or just generally feeling out of place.

Entertain Yourself

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Listening to a podcast or reading a book is a simple but effective way of helping to distract yourself. Reading or listening to something new, whether it be crime, romance, fact or fiction (or just about anything else you fancy) can really help take your mind off whatever is going on in your life. If reading or podcasts aren’t really your thing, chill out with some of your fav’ music or watch your go to series or film.

Be Active

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Getting out and being active is an amazing way to feel better within yourself, but this doesn’t mean you have to go hard at the gym every day. Go for a walk, get on your bike or even take up a new sport to help your mental health.

Cut Back On Alcohol

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Having your fave drink every once in a while isn’t a crime and is totally ok, but if you find yourself drinking every night then that’s when it’s time to have a serious chat. Cutting back on drinking is not only super effective for your physical health, but is also great for your mental wellbeing too.

Get Help When You Need It

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help if/whenever you need it. Asking for help takes an insane amount of strength and is a forward step in helping to better yourself and your mental health.
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