7 Dog Instagram Accounts You NEED To Be Following

With National Dog Day right around the corner, we thought we would celebrate and compile a list of the best doggos, puppies and pupperinos to follow on the 'gram. Does your Insta feed need a bit of a refresh? Here are our top 7 dog Instagram accountants that you need to be following.

1. Daily Dougie

With over half a million Insta' followers, Dougie the Shih Tzu has to be one of the cutest. Known for his teddy bear hair cut and big brown beady eyes, following Dougie will definitely give the fluff fix you're needing.

2. Nevile Jacobs

With an already famous owner, Neville Jacobs the Bull Terrier has to be one of the most stylish dogs on the 'gram. You'll find yourself gettin' inspo from his feed as he is the coolest canine on the block.

3. Lou Lou The Miniature Dachshund

Lou Lou the Miniature Dachshund has the definition of puppy dog eyes. With her glowing black coat and big beady eyes, following Lou Lou is a must. Not only will you be graced with pictures and videos of her but you'll also be treated with the cutest content of her owner's other pets such as hedge hogs, chicks and rabbits. All in all a true winner.

4. Doug The Pug

Undoubtedly one of the most famous Insta' doggos, Doug The Pug has a whopping 3.8 million followers so we wouldn't be surprised if you already follow him. But if you don't, what are you playin' at? You'll be missing out on his celeb pics, funny AF meme videos and much more! Hit that follow button, babe!

5. Poppy The Shih Tzu

This list wouldn't be complete without Poppy the Shih Tzu. With her Chewbacca features, following her will definitely brighten up your Insta' feed.

6. Kevin The Shiba Inu

Kevin the Shiba Inu is definitely one of our faves. He's the one with character, humour and he's just so cute! Not only on Instagram, he's also makes several appearances on his owner's YouTube page. We are obsessed!

7. Maya The Samoyed

Maya The Samoyed otherwise known as, Maya The Polar Bear. With 1.8 million followers, following Maya will have you constantly laughing. From posting meme videos and cute AF pics, you'll be wanting to get your own lil polar bear before you know it.

Now that you know all of our fave doggos on the 'gram, be sure to give them all a follow as well us. See you on the 'gram, babe!

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