90s T.V Style Steal


The 90s… The decade of Tamagotchi’s, boss babe girl bands, Titanic and some serious sassy fashion moments. Whether you grew up in the 90s or are just a major fan of all the T.V shows, you will definitely have pulled some inspo’ from the outfits that some of our fave’ characters wore. From statement choker necklaces, to tartan mini skirts and knee-high stockings, 90s fashion has definitely made a huge comeback in 2020 and we are totally here for it. If you wanna steal the 90s T.V. fashion style, then take a peek at some of our fave’ outfits from the big screen...

Cher & Dionne - Clueless

Nobody does fashion better than the gal’s from Clueless, and they have deffo’ inspired a generation of chic beret’s and tartan two pieces, a total fashion style steal. From Cher and Dionne’s matching plaid sets, to Brittany Murphy's total glow-up, we are obsessed with every single ‘fit in the Clueless movie. Wanna steal their 90s style? Shop our collection of cute AF mini skirts and step right back in time to 90s Beverly Hills.

Rachel Green - Friends

The undisputed style Queen of Friends, Rachel Green (aka Jennfier Anniston) has deffo’ brought 90s T.V some of its most iconic fashion moments. Even if you’ve never watched the show, it’s likely that you know at least one of her famous ‘fits. From her 90s AF haircut, her mini skirt and high socks combo and her effortless mom jeans and a nice crop top look, if you grew up in the 90s, she definitely influenced your style at one point. Wanna go full on 90s style steal and make Rachel’s look your own? Go for our Blue Light Wash High Waisted Straight Leg Side Split Jeans, teamed with a cute AF crop top t-shirt and chunky fresh trainers for that retro look!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bad ass babe Buffy The Vampire Slayer (aka Sarah Michelle Gellar) definitely brings us back some srs 90s fashion nostalgia. Spaghetti strap tops, hooped earrings, choker necklaces, fingers full of rings and a glossy lip anyone? Buffy combined grunge with glam, and although she may have looked girly in her pink sparkly top, she always reminded us that she could kick ass no matter what. Steal Buffy’s sweet but sassy 90s style with our Pink Lace Up Back Crop Top. You will slay hard, babe.

Ashley Banks - The Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air

Everything about The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is iconic, but we have to say that still to this day Ashley Banks created some of the most fashion moments of 90s T.V. In particular, we are crushin’ hard over one of her famous ‘fits that deffo’ helped her style to be remembered decades after the show had ended - her red off the shoulder top, LBD and thigh high red stockings. ‘Cos if anyone is gonna pull off this statement 90s fashion look, it is definitely Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Get this must-have 90s fashion look when you go for our Black Satin Ruched Strappy Bodycon Mini Dress.

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