A Peek At Kim K’s Gorgeous Interior Design

As we all know, Kim K is the reigning QUEEN of all things fashion, so her home has gotta be just as fabulous, right? Yep, absolutely right! Her home is totally picture perfect and would be the perf backdrop for selfies (as proved several times by Kim herself), with white walls and a spacious and roomy open plan design, Kim Kardashian’s interior design is total goals in every way. We'd love to recreate the whole house, but unfortunately a crib like this will set you back $60 million...ouch! Wanna have a nose and check out what Kim K’s house looks like? Keep scrolling, girl!

Kim Kardashian’s Hallway Interior Design

kim kardashain hallway home


This interior design is giving us total holiday vibes! Looking like a luxe villa, this hallway is super beautiful, with a wide, open plan design and huge windows. The glossy floor and arch doorways are totally glam, we would expect nothing less from Kim! Imagine the pics you would get for your ‘gram in this hallway, one word - wow!

Kim Kardashian’s Living Room

kim kardashian living room interior design


The white on white theme continues in the living room, this super simple and sleek interior white design is stunning. We love the white chairs and artistic sculpture and we’re totally obsessed with the giant white marble table! Wanna recreate this style? Go for white furniture and finish the look with a vase of artificial white roses.

Kim Kardashian’s Kitchen

kim kardashian kitchen sink slope design


As you can imagine, Kim Kardashian’s kitchen interior design is anything but basic! Her kitchen counters feature no sinks (what?!), only a small slit and a sloped counter so that the water can be drained away. This unique and interesting kitchen interior idea is just gorge, who needs a sink anyway? We love this space saving, bespoke design, although we doubt we’ll be chucking out our kitchen sink anytime soon!

Kim Kardashian’s Bedroom

kim kardashian bedroom interior design


Kim K’s room, of course, is the ultimate place to get a good full length snap. With white hardwood floors, amazing lighting and marble walls, this is the perf selfie spot! Kim looks like a total angel in this heavenly hallway, matching her outfit with the interior vibes. Yep, we’re in love!

It’s clear to see that Kim K is the total queen of interior design. This simple, yet stunningly designed home is one of our faves and is total goals for any clutter-hating interior lovers! Love her or hate her, one thing is clear, Kim Kardashian has some srs home design skills.


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