Autumn Hair Trends for 2021

We are days away from the start of autumn, and that means it's time for a new hairstyle! There are some new 2021 hair trends predicted which cannot be missed. After last autumn when we couldn’t even get to the hairdresser, this year your hair deserves a new styling to accompany the new season. We are seeing some revivals in the 2021 hair trends from years ago, and also some new 2021 hair colour trends that we’ve not seen for a while. We know that a good nourishing hair care treatment is non-negotiable for the colder months, however if you’re looking for something more daring, then autumn is the time to do it. The latest hair trends are a fun rebellion after the restrictions of 2020, it's time for the snip!

Dramatic Fringes 

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The most popular 2021 hair trend is a new style of fringe which we are seeing appear. The fringe is an overgrown style, longer on the outside with a shorter inner centre, the fringe holds a messy unkept look which brings it some edge. Some current hair trends are seeing a thick blunt choppy fringe also, so whatever the fringe style, is making a big come-back.

70’s flicks

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The 70’s has seen a huge revival this year. From modern groovy prints to halter-necks and flares, you can now see inspiration seeping through in the form of hairstyles. A huge 2021 hair trend is the 70’s flicked fringes created using a round barrel brush and a hairdryer styling the flicks outwards. This is not only the latest hair trend but a fun look to create for the new season.

Wolf Cut

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This layered look is the ultimate messy chic, the look is the modern mullet, somewhere in between mullet and shag. This is the bravest of the hair trends 2021 UK selection when it comes to being bold. The unique wolf cut is becoming the most popular of the current hair trends this year. The cut is created by keeping the hair long at the back and layering heavily throughout the mid and front sections to create this choppy fun style, be the first of your friends to layer the locks!

Cute Bob 

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The bob is a multi seasonal statement, and if you’re looking for something to take you through the months, this is the one! The bob is a knock off for the hair trends 2021 options, you will look nothing short of fierce rocking a bob. Cut it razor blunt for a full edgy look or curl under for a softer approach. This is one of those hair trends which stays fashionable regardless of the time of year, spice it up a bit with a highlighted fringe if you currently have a bob and want to change it up.

Pumpkin Spiced Locks 

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Pumpkin spice isn't just for your coffee girls! This is the hottest of the 2021 hair colour trends, an orange with a lighter fringe is a bold and head-turning look this season. Or try an auburn toned spicy look for a colour which always makes a resurgence in autumn and never fails. We’re obsessed with this latest hair trend and can't wait to see it styled this season.

Get down to your hairdresser armed with our hottest selection of trending hairstyles and take your pick!

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