Babe Broadcast #4

Fave’ News Of The Week

Calling all High School Musical fans, it’s official; Sharpay is gonna be a momma! Our fave HSM hun and all around mega babe Ashley Tisdale shared the sweetest snap to her Insta on Thursday to announce the exciting news. Cradling her bump while her Husband Christopher stands over her, we cannot get over how perf’ this pic is. It’s the Start of Something New!

Fave’ Song Of The Week

Need some cheering up this weekend? Local lockdowns got you feel down? We’re totally feeling you there, girl! Gaining popularity on TikTok for his song Gimme Love, our new MCM, Joji, has released his latest single with Diplo titled Daylight. In need of a weekend pick me up? Get your best girls on Zoom, pop the prosecco and party like we’re not living in a global pandemic!

Joji & Diplo - Daylight

Fave’ Piece Of The Week

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this season, then you’ll know that last week we dropped not one but two brand new collections! Obsessed with that golden hour glow and looking for some ethereal earth tones for this Autumn season? Our new Dusk Til’ Dawn collection encompasses all of that, boo. Our fave’ piece this week deffo has to go to our Lilac Milkmaid Crop Top, how fire does our girl Elizabeth look in this piece?! Why not level up your look and style with our matching Lilac High Waisted Tailored Suit Trousers, a pair of cream mules and a matching mini bag.

Fave’ Fact Of The Week

Did you know that since the 1500’s fashion designers would showcase their designs by creating tiny versions for little dolls. It wasn’t until 1853 when designers decided to start using models! (Probably because they realised how much easier it was.)

Fave’ Quote Of The Week

“Privilege is usually invisible to the person who has it until it’s pointed out to them, or after they have lost that privilege.”

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