Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Get the know-how on next level beauty hacks that are sure to change your life, and prepare to kiss goodbye to hours spent on Facetune with some of these natural beauty tips and makeup hacks. Designed to give you that photo finish every damn time, expect to look Insta-ready (for when your bestie whips her phone out for the 100th time), and be sure to create flawless looks that last from AM to PM. With some of our favourite tried and tested beauty tips and skincare hacks, we’ve got info on everything from how to get fuller looking lips - minus the 1ml of Revolax - to why you should apply dry shampoo the night before - and nope, it’s not so you can have an extra 10 minutes in bed! With simple beauty hacks and tips using products like vaseline and coconut oil, we’re bringing you our most loved beauty hacks that will change your life (probably).

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Do you spritz your fave perfume in huge mists of fragrance in the hope it’ll last longer? We’ve all been there, babe, but when it’s £80 a bottle, then it’s fair to say that we wanna start holding onto that sh*t. You’ve probably been taught to spray on those famous ‘pulse points’ - the places that activate perfume - but have you ever been taught on how to preserve it? One of our go-to beauty tips has got to be using vaseline before perfume! Why? Applying vaseline to the pressure point that you’re applying it to creates a sticky base for the perfume to hold onto all day long. Money? Saved. Perfume? Long lasting!

Ditch Puffy Eyes With a Tea Bag

Yep, you heard that correctly! Sick of using layers of concealer to disguise the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes? Halve the time spent on your makeup routine when you check out one of the best skincare tips. Hold cold green tea bags over your puffy eyes to eliminate swelling and redness that give you that I-just-woke-up like this look. The antioxidants in the green tea have an anti-inflammatory effect meaning it draws out puffiness in the eyes leaving you feeling fresh AF.

Bigger Lips With a Toothbrush

Desperate for bigger lips, but scared of needles? Save your bank account and your nerves when you try one of the most simple beauty hacks for face and use a toothbrush to plump up your pout. Gently rub a toothbrush around in circles to exfoliate the lips and get that blood pumping to help give the illusion of bigger lips. Not only will this get rid of any dry skin, it will provide the perfect base for when you apply your gloss. Perfect that pout the easy way!

Highlight the Cupid’s Bow

If you’re wanting to perfect those lips to ensure an even fuller definition, we recommend grabbing some of your shimmering highlighter and applying above the cupid’s bow before finishing off with a glossy lip or lipstick - whatever your fancy! This will give the impression of fuller looking lips without any filler in sight - total win.

Coconut Oil For Silky Hair

Forget spending endless amounts of cash on hair mask formulas, only to be let down by temporary results, and use one of your favourite cooking ingredients to create the ultimate silky locks. Before washing your hair, massage coconut oil into the scalp and let it work its magic for 3 minutes. Once time’s up, hop in the shower and wash your hair as usual. Dry and enjoy bouncy, satin tresses.

Apply Dry Shampoo the Night Before

Another one for the hair lovers… Live for your dry shampoo? Let’s face it, it’s a total game changer and makes those non-shampoo days just a little less obvious. Apart from the times when we haven’t rubbed it in properly! To eliminate those ‘oops’ moments, spray dry shampoo on your hair the night before so that your tossing and turning will rub in the treatment more evenly. Voila! Voluminous hair and no visible white marks!

Shave With Conditioner

Seriously. For ultra smooth legs, ditch your usual shaving cream and use your conditioner instead. Thanks to the thicker and more hydrating ingredients in the conditioner, it will not only allow your razor to glide more smoothly, but will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Test it for yourself!

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