Beginner’s Guide To The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

From Cleopatra to Kylie Jenner, us gals have been trying to master the winged eyeliner look for centuries. ‘Cos who wouldn’t wanna pay homage to this classic look?

If you’re someone who can boss out a winged eyeliner look without barely lookin’ in the mirror, good for you, boo! For the rest of us, the struggle to get that perfectly shaped winged eyeliner look is deffo’ real. Although we may not be able to give you a step by step winged eyeliner guide, (‘cos our eye shapes are all so unique and beautiful!), we can give you our top tips and hacks on how to create the perfect winged eyeliner look that will suit you.

I’m sure by this point you’ve trawled the internet to find out just exactly how to do winged eyeliner look, and we are finally answering your prayers! Hallelujah!

Find A Shape That Works For You

Winged eyeliner is like a cup of tea. Some people like it light and some people like it bold. It’s all about finding a style that suits your eye shape, or else you could end up lookin’ like you’ve done your makeup on the back of a moving bus. Wanna know our first winged eyeliner hack? Find celebrities that have a similar eye shape to you and check out how they have created their winged eyeliner look for some inspo’! If you are able to crack this iconic makeup trend, you can do anything, babe.

Find A Product That Works For You

Finding the right product to create the perfect winged eyeliner look is crucial in giving you that sharp and precise cat-like look. Our abso’ fave is a felt tip eyeliner pen ‘cos it gives us ultra precision and makes our eyes pop! However, if you find things gettin’ a lil’ messy with a felt tip eyeliner pen, you can also go for a liquid eyeliner or a gel eyeliner. Practice with all three products and find out which one feels most comfortable to you. We also recommend going for a waterproof winged eyeliner!

Add A Splash Of Colour

Spice things up and add a splash of colour to your winged eyeliner look. Trust me, your eyes will be poppin’, boo! We are crushin’ hard over our babe Maddy Perez’ colourful winged eyeliner look, how amazing does she look? One of our favourite coloured winged eyeliner products is Off Tropic Pro Liner, the ultimate go-to product for that ultra graphic and glam winged eyeliner look.


Practice makes perfect, boo! Unfortunately, unlike our brows, winged eyes do not follow the “sisters not twins” motto. With that being said, we have every confidence that you will become a winged eyeliner queen and make it your new statement look!

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