Best Brunch Spots To Hit in Manchester

Woke up this morning thinking “what’s the best breakfast near me?” Yeah, we feel you, girl! When it comes to the best brunch spots to hit in Manchester, we’ve got you covered. No matter what vibe you’re on, Manchester has some of the best brunch spots in the UK. From a classy boozy brunch with the squad to an edgy breakfast in Manchester’s northern quarter that will be perfect for your gram, upgrade your brunch game.

American Breakfast in Manchester

american breakfast in manchester


Fancy having your breakfast stateside style? If you’re cray about all things american and wanna go all out with a big stack of pancakes (diet starts tomorrow) head to Home Sweet Home. Grab one of their maple and bacon Pancake Stacks and wash it down with a refreshing Peach Bellini, it’s the ultimate hangover cure.

Brunch in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

brunch in manchesters nothern quarter


Love a lie in? This spot in Manchester’s edgy northern quarter serves brunch all the way up until 6pm (thank god). Want a recommendation on what to order? Just say cheese. We’re loving the Halloumi and Shrooms combo. The mushrooms aren’t magic but the breakfast deffo is!

Bottomless Brunch in Manchester

bottomless brunch in manchester


Wanna look boujee on a budget? Head to Menagerie for their Bottomless Brunch Menu. This ‘mazin menu offers two delish food courses and unlimited alcoholic drinks for just £40. Make sure you get a snap with a glass of prosecco by the famous bathtub for guaranteed likes on the ‘gram. You can try the Menagerie French Toast, treat your sweet tooth with this chocolately Nutella and marshmallow dish (it’s definitely worth the calories!).

Vegan Breakfast in Manchester

vegan breakfast in manchester


Head to Evelyn’s Café for plant based perfection. Love a shot on a night out? Why not try one of their (alcohol free) health shots? With vitamin packed flavours like Ginger, Lemon and ACV and Blue Algae, you’ll be glowin’ by the time you leave! This would go along nicely with one of their Buddha Bowls, perf for convincing your Insta followers that you’re healthy AF.

Has this got you feelin’ hungry? Yep, us too! Have an amaze time livin’ your brunch life, make sure you get that fire pic for the ‘gram in your Femme Luxe ‘fit.

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