Best Chick Flick Movies To Watch With Your Gals

Ok, so we all know that going out is great, but sometimes you’ve just got to kick back and relax for a weekend instead of hitting the bars like usual. If you’re anything like us, when you’ve got a weekend off from going out, the only thing you wanna’ do is chill in your pj’s, get the girls over and stick on some chick flicks for a weekend full of stuffing your face with popcorn and sipping on some Echo Falls (we won’t judge.) So, whether you want to cry your eyes out for two hours with a drama, fall in love with a romance or laugh till you can’t breathe with a rom-com, here’s a roundup of the best chick flicks to watch with your gals!

90’s Chick Flicks

Ugh, As If! We wouldn’t include this in the best chick flick movies list! Truly a classic, Clueless is one of the best feel good films to ever grace our screens and introduced us to the loveable character of Cher Horowitz. From memorable one liners, to some gorj’ outfit inspo, you’d be mad to not have this included in your marathon!
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Timeless Classics Chick Flicks

Mean Girls
It wouldn’t be a Chick Flick Movie Marathon without including Mean Girls. This amaze cult classic has given us some of the best lines in history that are still quoted on the daily, and if that isn’t so fetch, I really don’t know what is! Giving a whole new meaning to Pink and Wednesdays’, Mean Girls is held together by so many things that anyone can relate to! So, grab the carbs and [fake cough] ‘I
can’t go out’ for an amaze watch!
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Coming Of Age Chick Flicks

Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging
Based on the hit novel by Louise Rennison, Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging is a super relatable coming of age film that gave us a few key life lessons along the way. While we deffo’ know not take a Venus Razor to our brows, the film taught us about boys, friendships and why we probs shouldn’t go to a party dressed as a stuffed olive!
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The Proposal
If you’re in need of a good laugh, then you’ll wanna’ watch The Proposal ASAP! This amaze film starring the comedic duo of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is a total must watch, whatever the occasion. Featuring a cute AF puppy, naked Ryan Reynolds and Betty White’s hilarious one liners, The Proposal is deffo’ a must watch.
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Tear Jerkers

The Notebook
If you’re feeling totes emosh lately and just need a good cry, The Notebook is the way to go. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams love story set in 1940’s South Carolina, is a real eye opener to a love that spans decades facing disease, war and separation. Grab the tissues and popcorn because you’re in for one hell of an emotional ride!
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Whether you’re feeling emosh or just want to laugh, those are our top picks for the best chick flicks to watch with the gals for whatever mood you’re feeling. Let the drinks flow and get snug on the couch for a chilled night with your best friends!

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