Best Fitness Babes To Follow On Insta


Missin’ hittin’ up the gym and getting your sweat on? Don’t worry babe, we’ve got the best fitness queens for you to follow on the ‘gram to help you get those glutes burnin’ and keep that tummy toned AF during quarantine. In the words of Dua Lipa, “Let’s Get Physical” with a home workout session during lockdown.


Stay lookin’ fit and fierce at home with ultimate fitness babe Emma Louise. This gal has all the best home workout techniques for you to keep that bod’ looking fire while we are all in quarantine. From videos for ab and bum workouts at home, to casj chats on her insta story about keepin’ both our minds and bodies healthy, this gorj babe will help you keep that every-day-slay while you lay it low in isolation. Go get it, girl.


Cooped up in your small flat while we are in lockdown, but still wanna get those early morning stretches in? Not to worry, this mega babe will teach you how to become the ultimate yogi with her home workout yoga videos that she does right from her kitchen. If you need to find some inner peace and relaxation during isolation, and wanna keep fit and healthy, then follow this gorj gal. Lookin’ for something chilled to do after your workout? Oenone has her own podcast Adulting, where she discusses topics such as gender, identity, feminism and racism, with some high profile guests. You’re missing out if you don’t follow this absolute hun on the ‘gram.


You probs recognise this beaut from Series 4 of Love Island, but since leavin’ the villa this babe has been documenting how she keeps fit and healthy on her insta. Whether you wanna try an ab workout at home, need some healthy meal tips, or wanna try your hand at some Muay Thai, then follow Kaz for regular fitness vids that will keep you lookin’ hot and feelin’ fab all from the comfort of your own home.

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