Best Halloween Movies To Watch This Month

Creep it real this spooky season and get stuck into some of the best halloween movies of all time, ‘coz demons really are a ghouls best friend. Secure your spot as Hallow-queen when you eat up these spooky films and (fl)haunt your scary set-up on the ‘gram. All treats and no tricks, we’re officially providing you with the perfect excuse to snuggle down with bae for a fabulously fiendish night. It takes guts, girl, so to help you decide which halloween movie you should watch, we’ve rounded up some of the best halloween movies on Netflix (and of all time). From our fave halloween to watch with friends, to family halloween movies, you’ll defo want to stock up on snacks, sit back and (try) to relax as you slay your way through our halloween movie list.

Coraline (2009)

Planning a Halloween weekend with the fam? If your usual gatherings are off the cards this year, then keep it PG when you watch one of the best halloween cartoon movies. You may have loved this scary movie back in 2009, or perhaps you’ve never seen it at all. Either way it's a good go-to if you’re new to horror or simply prefer not to be scared - not that we can blame you! Coraline follows the story of a curious girl who feels unsatisfied with her home life. That changes when she stumbles across an alternate utopia - or so she believes. With buttons for eyes (not kidding) you can expect things to start getting a lil more a spooky as she unearths the sinister secrets of the other world.

Hereditary (2018)

Found yourself googling best halloween movies (again) and just can't seem to get away from this one? There’s a reason for that, boo! Trending in 2018, this cult movie was known for being one of most scariest movies of the year. Ari Aster’s film explores the unexplained death of a relative which leads to a terrifying discovery about the family’s sinister ancestry. Featuring a few toe-curling moments, this movie is defo best watched behind a cushion! 

Unfriended (2014)

Still into Zoom calls with the squad? You might wanna think twice the next time you  connect after watching this horror movie! Give yourself shivers when you watch this seriously edge-of-your-seat supernatural spook movie with your girl gang. When six friends receive an unexpected message from their friend - who’s supposed to be dead BTW - they quickly realise that this isn’t a game. Add this total scream-fest to the list of halloween movies to watch with friends and prepare to sleep with the light on for at least a few days after.

Scary Movie (2000)

The OG of all those Scary Movies you watched as a teen, this ‘I know what you did last summer’ parody will provide you with real lols - seriously. When a group of friends accidentally kill a man (ok, perhaps not so funny), they are reminded of their deed when a mystery person tries to kill them one by one. A copycat of classic halloween movies like Scream, this slasher-style film is the ultimate combo of horror meets hilarious.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Go back in time when you watch this absolute classic, and embrace your Freddie Krueger nightmare - if you never want to sleep again that is. Wes Craven’s movie is an all-time fave and is still one of must-see halloween horror movies that really sets pulses racing. Featuring a clawed serial killer who starts to manifest in the dreams of the teens whose parents were responsible for his death, we know this movie scare you like the first time! If you’re wanting something new, then the 2010 remake will leave you feeling spookily satisfied!

It (2017)

No one quite does horror like Stephen King, so if you’re still scrolling for good horror movies to watch, then you can finally stop. From The Shining to Pet Sematary, and many more inbetween, he’s the real halloween legend. So when his well known antagonist, Pennywise, was set to be hitting our screens again back in 2017, it’s pretty fair to say we kinda began avoiding drains. Shape-shifting and down right terrifying, Pennywise feeds upon children in order to fulfil his monstrous movements. If you enjoy Chapter One, then you’ll defo wanna watch Chapter Two when Pennywise returns to haunt the now-adults once more.

Ready for a fa-boo-lous night in watching some of the best halloween movies? Be sure to get your spook on and show our Hallow-queen collection, you’re gonna look fang-tastic, babe! 

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