Best Vegan Friendly Places in Manchester!

It can be hard sometimes to find the best places for you vegan girlies to enjoy more than one thing on the menu, but Manchester has some unreal vegan foodie spots for you to enjoy you’ll never have to stress about going out again.

Need to find somewhere for lunch this weekend? We’ve put together a quick guide to some of the best vegan friendly places in Manchester!

V Rev

One of the latest all-vegan restaurants to open in Northern Quarter, and it’s going to be one to stay. V Rev is a vegan diner and has nailed a classic diner menu with it’s vegan creations. They serve everything from a classic chicken and chips and milkshakes to mac and cheese topped hot dogs. All vegan of course.


If you’re ever heading down to Withington, then Herbivorous has to be one of your first stops. With a stall in Hatch too, it’s got to be one of the top faves in the city. They serve up all the best lunches with some stunning sweet treats for dessert, and an unreal list of vegan cocktails.


Got a sweet tooth? Add Ducie Street Warehouse to your ‘To-Do List’ this weekend so you can enjoy possibly the best vegan donut situation in Manchester. Gooey has some stunning treats, but their vegan donuts are one to try if you’re desperate to satisfy your sweet tooth or want to see if vegan treats are all they’re cracked up to be.

Salt and Pepper MCR

If you need any more convincing to try Manchester’s vegan hot spots, then how about a Chinese takeaway? You’re lying if you say you don’t crave a Chinese takeaway every now and again, and Salt and Pepper MCR have tapped into Manchester’s vegan clientele so you can enjoy it too! Their sticky ‘chicken’ and salt and pepper ‘chicken’ are both winners, you’ll be missing out if you don’t try!


Need a new date night spot? Greens in Didsbury is an all veggie and vegan restaurant that’s perfect for a Friday night date night. It’s got such a lovely relaxed vibe and the best food so it has to be your next date night to try some of the best veggie food Manchester has to offer!

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