Black harness crop top, the 4 season trend

Black harness crop top, the 4 season trend

Crop tops, the very best trend of 90's in men wear is in again. But this time they're in a different form and with perfect models for women… Maybe you're shocked now with that first sentence! Yeah that's right…

Black harness crop top, the 4 season trend

crop top

Crop tops, the very best trend of 90's in men wear is in again. But this time they're in a different form and with perfect models for women… Maybe you're shocked now with that first sentence! Yeah that's right… Prince was one of the firsts to follow that trend on those days and then after him came Will Smith, Adam Sandlers and even Johnny Depp! And of course once a trend comes, it never completely disappears so that Zac Efron, Kid Cudi, Kanye West and many other male celebrities, still use crop tops! Actually I'm not a fan of men wearing crop tops, myself but well there are people who like. But I think that nothing is better than a crop top for a girl. (I think I'm getting all feminist society in front of me! Hey I'm a feminist too guys! I just can't immerse fashion into it!) It's one best looking piece that these days have gained their popularity more and we can see them used among women of all ages. And now, crop tops are not just a little top worn on hot summer days at beaches, but they have come with a huge variety from jumpers and knitted crop tops to shirts and laces. The flow of this trend from last season to this winter new season is like bringing the news of catching cold but with changing usage time from nights to days it can guarantee us a trendy winter with its alternative looks. Among all these fantastic looks there are these black harness crop tops that we love the most! They can easily fit into any situation all the time! Their colour can definitely go perfect with any other colours, and the model…it's perfect. You can catch the touches of sexiness while being so elegant and modern. What can be better than this? Well, let's see what can we do with these awesome crop tops and how can we style them up for both winter and summer days.


Crop t-shirts

Due to the weather circumstances, the best crop tops for this season are the t-shirt, blouse and jumper styles. The first to go in our list to talk about is the t-shirt crop tops. The basic, simple and short crop tops named t-shirt crops give variegated looks on top of different clothes. This, not only affects the whole look of an outfit, but also has great effects on the body shape and how one looks in them and vice versa: "how your body makes them look on you!" It's just like a Mexican wave… Once it begins, you can't stop it at all so you should always be careful for the combinations you make because these t-shirt crop tops are always welcoming your littlest mistakes with open arms to emphasize on and exaggerate.

To wear or not to wear!

For realizing that which body types should and who shouldn't wear this type of crop tops, you don't need to be a fashion guru! For wearing this open belly piece of clothing you should be really poor in having any abdominal fat! If you have a belly saying hello to everyone before you, you'd better keep it for yourself! The best choice for you is wearing crop tops, specially bandeau crop tops or lace bralette tops. All you have to do id using them like bralettes under your widely open neck t-shirts or showing them from under your underarm to your waist in both sides with wearing a halter neck top but with its belly part longer than a crop top. And also those of you who have a short upper body should be very cautious in adapting your trousers' waist height to your body length. Super high waist trousers used with a short crop top can suddenly turn you into a super minion girl! So wear this black elasticated Bardot crop top with slightly high waist trousers (if you choose some same coloured trousers, you'll look even taller). And finally for those who have a bigger bottom, I suggest you wearing oversized shorts, with t-shirt crop tops. The best example for this is the black long sleeve crop top that you can wear with some athletic shorts, so look very much fashionable and sportive.

Crop blouses

Crop blouses

Having tighter cuts than t-shirts, crop blouses have this advantage of giving more pretention to your look. Also their body wrapping shapes sue for tight midi skirts, or for those who love play it hard, it can be combined with classic or jean trousers too.

How to combine them

When showing your belly off, there's actually no difference between t-shirts and blouses. The only thing that is different and needs more attention here is the difference of their shape cuts that one is very tight while the other is super comfy and oversized. And this attention is mainly raised by the length of the blouse and the amount of its belly décolleté. A blouse crop top which is finishing just on the belly button can give you a funky and hippies look while enhancing a very elegant look is not a dream if you wear a blouse crop top that finishes just under your belly button. As hiding that little whole in your belly can make you more and more elegant, you can even do this with wearing a short black crop top long sleeve with a super high waist skirt which can hide your bellybutton behind its waist. For making that rough move in wearing crop tops with trousers to catch that hyper elegancy, I'm giving you a fabulous example. Try a black lace crop top like this and wear it with high waist black trousers (PU or not)… For getting more attention you can do this with a black ribbed lace up crop top and that black ostrich feather coat will be the last strike to break the camel's back in your glory!

crop jumpers

Crop jumpers

Now let's get to our main problem, the cold! With the last changes in weather, women have started to change their attitudes toward those lovely white lace crop tops and bralettes. That's too bad because we were becoming reconciled to those beauties. But hey! I have a brilliant idea for those who still love to wear crop tops but are afraid of the colds. We got the best jumper crop tops and crop hoodies in Femmeluxefinery that you can wear during these cold days. For both of those who prefer being cold than getting unfashionable and want to wear them alone and those who can't stand the cold weather and will wear a shirt under it, these brilliant crop jumpers are available in different styles and models, all fantastic.

bandeau crop top

Summer time crops

As talking about crop tops, we can't leave the article without mentioning the pretty summer crop top bras. You may either want to take notes for next summer or just wear them indoors right now. Or maybe you're living in Australia and are in front of the split cooler in the middle of summer reading my article! (Hello Australian beauties!) So why not talking a bit summer-ish!? Well let me sum it up and tell you all I want to say in two examples. First: Give it a chance and try wearing a bandeau crop top with high or low waist trousers showing your beautiful belly to the world. Maybe you haven't tried wearing such brave things before but you should start wearing them one day, because they're veeerrrry trendy and popular! How can you stand not wearing them?! Now if you're talking to yourself in your head like: "No way, I'm never gonna wear them without any other tops" … well I understand you. Maybe I wouldn't do it either! So come with me to the second example: Put on a lace bralette top (I suggest black or wine) then go get your simplest white, widely open neck t-shirt and wear it on top of your bralette! If the t-shirt's plunge is not deep enough tear it off all! Make it look as ratty as it can be! And wear a pair of nice blue skinny jeans with it (or it can be black as you wish) and this will be the perfect start for wearing bralettes and crop tops. (Can you keep a secret? I love it more the second way! What about you? Leave a comment and tell me your ideas…)

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