Boss Babe Podcasts To Listen To Over Your Bank Hol’ Break


Female hosted podcasts are all the rage right now and we are absolutely lovin’ them. What better way to fill the void of not seeing your squad over the bank hol’ weekend during lockdown than to listening to femme queens chat all things about being a gal?

If you had a big gals night out planned, a romantic weekend break away with your bae, or were plannin’ on seeing your fam over the Easter bank hol’ weekend, but your plans have been cancelled ‘cos of lockdown, don’t worry, we feel ya, babe.

Don’t let it all be doom and gloom though, hun. Why not organise your bedroom, cook your fave meal and relax with a facemask on while you listen to our fave female hosted podcasts?

Your bank holiday plans just got excitin’, girl.

When Life Gives You Melons

If you are in search of a female hosted podcast that is hilar and will brighten your mood, then podcast When Life Gives You Melons is for you, girl. Hosted by our fave Maya Jama, it discusses topics that we as gals all go through. From relationships, skin care routines and having a quarter-life crisis, Maya and her guests cover all the major girl related problems. Relatable? We think so, babe. Spend your bank hol’ weekend binge listening to this amaze podcast.

Reality Check

These gals might not have been so lucky in love in the villa, but they found each other and female friendship is so much better. Ain’t that right, gals? Reality Check is a podcast hosted by Love Island’s fave female trio, Amber, Anna and Yewande. These gorj babes have teamed up to give us all the best advice on dating, beauty and relationships. The Reality Check podcast feels like you are chattin’ and gossipin’ with your mates, and brings some much needed comfort while we are in lockdown.


The Receipts podcast is what every girl needs in her life while being in lockdown over the Easter bank holiday break. Fun, open and honest, these boss babe podcast hosts give us advice on everything from relationships, situationships and any other category that you might find your datin’ life in ATM. If you are having boy trouble and wanna finally say boy bye, then these huns have your back.

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