Christmas Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

Struggling to find Christmas gifts for those more difficult-to-buy-for friends and family? We’ve got you this year, hun. Expect to be met with numerous ‘OMG, how did you know?’ questions when you simply nail Christmas gifts 2020 and beyond. If you haven’t already guessed, our astrology gift guide has you completely covered for all those last minute gift hauls. With personalised Christmas gifts for each zodiac sign, and tons of horoscope gift ideas, you can be sure to get it right every damn time. Kiss goodbye to Santa’s naughty list, and get ready to be the most loved this year!

Wondering what Christmas gift to buy for that Aries babe in your life? Confident, spontaneous and career-motivated, these girl bosses know exactly how to own a room. Whether they’re heading into an all-important meeting, or are just catching up with friends, you can be sure that all eyes will be on them. To match their bright and bold personality, we recommend grabbing a statement lipstick for them to complete every ‘fit with a touch of their relentless personality.

As one of the more materialistic zodiac signs, girls under Taurus love all things pretty! Whilst they’re no doubt ambitious and can often be found working hard to obtain all of those finer things in life, they value time to practice self-care. If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for her, then we suggest a rose quartz lamp to provide them with the ultimate relaxing balance they need after a long day of hustling!

Sick of scrolling through seemingly endless lists of gifts for your Gemini BFF? We bet you won’t be the only one! Gemini babes are known for their social nature and always have plans with their many friends. Help them slay organised when you give them a stunning 2021 diary, perfect for keeping track of their busy lives. Opt for a diary in a lush pastel tone or sparkly sequins so they can be sure to impress whenever they’re making plans (again).

Cancer’s are famous for being incredibly sensitive and compassionate. They’re highly intuitive and generally maintain good relationships because of their loyal personality. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for this zodiac sign, anything sentimental will pass. Why not frame your fave photograph together and add a special note to remind them of your amazing friendship? We guarantee that it’ll seriously impress.

As one of the most bold signs of the zodiac, there’s a reason Leo’s are considered so brave by their squad. They’re fiercely protective of those closest to them and are not afraid to say what they think. This year, you’ll probably find them spending more time nurturing their relationships, so Christmas gifts for couples could be your go-to. Try a spa day for them and their bae and you’re sure to receive an abundance of thanks.

Wondering what astrology gifts Virgo gals may like? Since they’re pretty down to earth, flashy gifts simply don’t impress. These hard-working boss babes are known for their drive and determination, so be sure to encourage them to slow down this year. Remind that it’s important to put themselves first (and that self-care isn’t just for Sundays). Opt for a large scented candle that they can light and simply just enjoy.

When we said we had Christmas gift ideas for each zodiac sign, we weren’t kidding. Libras always know what’s up and are constantly up-to-date with latest trends, movements and the season’s hottest. They love to experiment, which is why when it comes to selecting something we know they’ll love, we suggest a book by an up and coming author to really give them something to rave about. You can’t go wrong!

This water sign is as deep as they come, and sensual too, may we add. Personalised Christmas gifts are a must-have for these loyal ladies, meaning anything that’s been well thought about is more than happily accepted. Help them ooze confidence when they show up to those xmas events by wrapping up a fresh new fragrance that’ll definitely leave a sensational scent. Because who doesn’t love smelling good?

Lucky enough to have a Sagittarius doll in your life? Then you’ll know these wild wanderers hate to be contained. They’re usually looking for their next adventure and love to keep their squad close. Mix up your next BNO and opt for a different way to pre-drink when you gift them a boozy cocktail making class for you and your gang. This is one of our fave Christmas gift ideas for ensuring fun times are had!

If you ever get a chance to tell these workaholics to take a rest, then please do! Capricorns are known for their busy schedules and are constantly on the go. Whether they’re bossing it at work, or are just hustling hard on another side project, their ambitious nature means they find it hard to sit still. To help keep them on their toes, we know they’ll love pretty much anything that’ll be a pretty yet practical addition to their lives. Give them a fetching coffee machine so they can fuel up between those ‘breaks’.

Keep up with this independent AF sign if you dare! What exactly do you buy someone who is always into something new? Our astrology gifts will guarantee you secure something for your closest girl who doesn’t like to stick to the flow. Buy them a funky coloured journal so they can check in with themselves even when they've been exploring unknown waters. Because let’s face it, life can get overwhelming even when you’re loving every moment of it!

Babes with a Pisces star sign love being alone and are not afraid to prioritise time for self-care and treat themselves every once (or twice) in a while. Pisces are certified shopaholics, meaning they usually have pretty much everything. Spoil them this year by making them feel a little less guilty spending money on yet another pair of shoes, and slip a gift card to their fave shop into their card. At least you know it’ll get used!

There you have it! A Christmas gift for every zodiac sign. Now you’ve got the presents sorted, why not treat yourself instead? Check out our 'New In' collection to make sure you’re looking absolutely mega wherever you’re headed. Don’t forget to read our other blogs for next level inspo that’s gonna help you slay all year round.

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