Denim shorts women celebrities styling

Denim shorts women celebrities styling

Denim shorts for women are like red for Valentine's Day. Maybe some people can deal without it but life has no meaning or no souls then. Among all the beautiful styles of denim shorts for women, my favorite is celeb stylings! Sometimes it's really good to get inspired from a super stylish fashionista for a better fashion taste. So in this article we're taking a taking a short glance at our favorite celebs' summer shorts stylings. The greatest thing about this article is that everything we're mentioning is available on our women’s shorts sale and you can't believe how affordable they are! Now let's take a look at the tiny denim shorts women trends among our beloved stars.

 denim shorts for women

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is one of those crazy denim fans which can be seen from her fashion choices. Among all the wonderful denims she wear, I love the super mini denim shorts she puts on. The fearless beauty's denim shorts choices are more like the Blue distressed mini jeans shorts type on our women’s shorts sale. Styling a bangin' piece like these denim shorts high waisted is totally easy as inspired from Gigi. A black graphic tee like the black multi-colour vogue print t-shirt is definitely the best choice for denim shorts high waisted so that you can pull out a whole look like hers- sporting with a navy blue, long silk blazer and accessorized with a baby blue ribbon choker necklace, matching blue lace-up boots with high socks. This girl is fearless and throw up everything in its best possible way but if you don't want to do it as hard as her, a pair of Distressed Denim over the Knee Boots would do it perfectly for you. If you're a Gigi fanatic and her style means the world to you, then you can stop reading and start your shopping right now at the cheap womens clothes online store, femmeluxefinery.

Kourtney Kardashian

As talking about stylish shorts, no one can dodge the sexy sister Kourtney. Among all her fabulous shorts, I'd rather talk more about one specific piece – the elasticated shorts women ­­, than the denim ones. Although all her denim shorts are amazing, but her navy velvet shorts were something we all were head over heels for. The elasticated shorts women trend has gotten even more fashionable with the paper bags coming in but these Navy Blue Velvet Elasticated Shorts are in top 10 of all other elasticated shorts for women.

 Light Blue Distressed Jean Shorts

Kendall Jenner

Kendall changed this season's denim trends with only one look of herself. Womens knee length shorts are now so trendy that even Bella Hadid gave a fascinating look with her Bermuda shorts in a whole bold look. So if you want to throw up a celebrity style like these two with summer shorts women, then I badly recommend these Light Blue Distressed Jean Shorts but with a better combo than Kendall's due to the season change. White is always looking mesmerizing with denim and the best white piece for these shorts is a White distressed Cut Front Crop Top. For extra glam, don't forget the White Button Embellished Blazer Dress with buttons undone over your crop top and Bermuda shorts. For doing it even greater, pop the combo up with Studded Lace up Perspex Heel in Nude Faux Suede shoes and voilà!

Miley Cyrus

It's so odd but as someone who doesn't love Miley's style very much, I fell in love with her white distressed denim shorts. The trend of white denim shorts womens is a fresh and cool style for this summer but Miley did it on its tops with her whole edgy look. It was a really nice style to be inspired from but yet I think that maybe a little colour pop will harm no one, right?! You know that summer is not just about white, it's about pastels and bright colours too. Pink Denim distressed shorts can easily take the place of those white denim shorts women trend and look even more amazing.

black denim shorts womens

Taylor Swift

Taylor's most recent style is made up a pump for a black t-shirt, tiny black denim shorts, and white trainers. Let's get a bit deeper into it and remark them one by one from top to bottom. First of all, let me mention that although this look is casually effortless but it's yet so chic and fascinating. Her hairstyle is a bomb and the colour is absolutely amazing. This platinum blonde is definitely the best hair dye for Taylor with no doubt. The whole look is so wonderfully fit for her with the darkest colour in the world. The black denim shorts womens are gaining more and more popularity these days among women of all ages and it's obvious that also Taylor has caught the womens shorts trend so quickly (or maybe we've learned from her, huh?!)

Black Denim distressed shorts are perfect with almost all tees in any colour but it seems that they have another charisma as combined with a basic black t-shirt. Although I could look better with a very little motif on it like the Black Avenue Montaigne Slogan T-Shirt, basically black yet not dull. As the last straw you just hit the White studded back trainers for the best casual look of the year.

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