Did Someone Say Bank Hol' Cocktails?

With the sun shinin’ and a long weekend pending, what better way to spend your bank holiday weekend than sharpening up your cocktail makin’ skills? Turn up the heat and get ready to party with these delicious, easy to make cocktails that are perfect for any occasion. We know that your bank holiday plans are limited, but with a few refreshing cocktail recipes added to your menu, you’re sure to have a sunny and sassy bank hol’ right from the comfort of your own garden, girl. Stayin’ in is the new going out, and these gorj cocktail classics will add a lil’ kick to your weekend.


Who doesn’t love the fresh and minty taste of a Mojito? Throw a virtual dinner party with your girls and get the mojitos flowing, with this easy to make cocktail favourite. Turn up the heat and kickstart your bank hol’ weekend with a refreshing and coolin’ Mojito', the ideal accompaniment to any hot day. Lather up that SPF and spend your day catchin’ some rays while you sip on some delish’ cocktail goodness.

What you’ll need

White rum



Fresh Limes

Soda Water


Sex On The Beach

Love Island and Ibizia may be cancelled this year, but don’t let that stop you from gettin’ a lil’ bit frisky and darin’ when it comes to your cocktail making skills. Sex On The Beach cocktail will transport you to the lush realm of sittin’ poolside with your squad, while you get ready to party the night away. Dial up your girls on video call, and get sippin’ on a Sex On The Beach cocktail to add some fun and excitement to your bank holiday weekend. Cute, tasty and girly AF, this summery cocktail is one of our faves.

What you’ll need

50 ml of vodka

25 ml of peach schnapps

2 slices oranges, and 2 slices to garnish

50 ml of cranberry juice


Strawberry Daiquiri

Super easy to drink, this irresistible cocktail is deffo’ the perfect drink to quench your thirst over the bank hol’ weekend, babe. Whether you are chillin’ in your garden, or want a refreshin’ cocktail to have with your dinner, a well made strawberry daiquiri is our ultimate go to summer drink. This beaut’ cocktail is pretty n’ pink, so get ready to score some major likes on the ‘gram when you pose with it in your hand.

What you’ll need

2 ounces of light rum

½ an ounce of fresh lime juice

1 ounce of syrup

3-4 sliced strawberries

Fresh strawberry slices for topping


Bloody Mary

A classic brunch fave, the Bloody Mary cocktail is the perfect combination of work hard, play hard. Add some fun to your poached eggs and avocado, and get sippin’ on a Bloody Mary cocktail. Whether you wanna ease a hangover or shake off tiredness, the Bloody Mary is a mood boostin’, delicious cocktail that is super easy to make with stuff that you probs’ already have at home.

What you’ll need

100 ml of vodka

500 ml of tomato juice

2 slices of lemon to serve

1 tbsp of lemon juice

A tbsp of tabasco

A pinch of celery salt

A pinch of black pepper

2 celery sticks

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