Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

There’s nothing to snuff your nose up at here... Our canine friends are serving up some serious Insta-envy, because let’s face it, we are never going to secure a following of 4, 5 or even 6 figures. I mean, who wants to see what I got up to at the weekend when they could indulge in a rotation of utterly cute dog pictures? Since the likes of Tuna and Maya, pet influencers and dog Instagram’s have been taking over our feed - not that we’re complaining by the way. Whether we’re enticed by the hilarious dog Instagram captions or charmed by their enviable innocence, it’s fair to say that we’ve become reliant on famous Instagram dogs to provide us with a beacon of light. The ultimate companions, man and woman’s best friend, our round up of aesthetic dog pictures and dog Instagrams is about to dial up those dopamine levels! So take a break from your 9-5 and get ready to gaze upon our favourite dogs on Instagram.


Ready to invite some laughter into your life? Boasting 2 million paw-some fans, we’re absolutely living for Tuna’s dog pictures. From Santa-claws to key barker - sorry, worker* - is there anything Tuna can’t do?


Catching flights not feels, Maya is officially living her best and don’t we just want it? First time in Paw-ris anyone? Not only are her dog Instagram captions on point, her content is the definition of fire. With tons of videos to lap up - no, seriously - you will definitely not regret following your new furry friend.


Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee… A miniature wire haired dachshund with a massive personality. Oozing all kinds of attitude on her personal IG, if anyone puts the pup-arazzi to work, it's Olive. #TooCuteForYou.


As one of the most famous Instagram dogs (that has been snapped with numerous A-listers BTW), it’s only fair that her content lives up to the icon that she is. ‘Cos girls just want to have fun, right? We’re officially introducing you to your new spirit animal, Marnie.


Bully, really? We’re just not buying it, Beverly! What could be cuter than this English Bulldog who, quite frankly, looks like us on a Monday? Serving up next level lazy girl energy, this dog Instagram account has some serious pet-tential.

Which pet influencers are you adding to your feed and why is it all of them? Scroll in style when you stock up on cosy couture with our loungewear. Grab your fur slippers and kick back for an Insta-sesh worth having. 

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