Eco-Luxe: How To Become More Eco Friendly In 3 Easy Steps

This planet were living on is LIFE babe! It's so important to take care of our home. But it can be so damn’ hard to understand where to start, right? Especially when plastic is a part of everyday life. So, wanna know how to become more eco friendly and incorporate eco friendly products into your routine? Dw girl, Femme Luxe got you covered!

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are trending hard RN! Gone are the days of the duck lips and Starbucks cups plastered all over the gram. Reusable water bottles are here to save the day, with options WAY cuter than your basic grocery store plastic bottles.

Say No To Straws

Metal Straws

Using plastic straws in 2k19?! Get on Femme Luxe's level hun. If you don't need em' don't use em'! Plastic straws can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. Why create waste you can't dispose of, when there are amaze metal straws that are beyond fab AND don't harm the environment. Its a win win!

Lunch Gang

Meal Prep

Do you even realise how much single-use packaging goes into each and every product that you consume each day?! It's time to change that ASAP. Invest into a seriously cute lunch box to wow your work wives. Struggling on culinary ideas? Invest into a bomb recipe book to get some fire packed lunch ideas.

So, now you know how to become more eco friendly in 3 easy AF steps. Helping you to get your life together and look all types of chic with your reusable water bottle, metal straw, and packed lunch - The best statement accessories ever!

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