Feel Good Chick Flicks Worth Staying In For

So we’re currently facing a time where staying in is encouraged, that means you’re swapping nights out on the town for nights in on the sofa. Feeling a bit blue? If you need some positive vibes to combat that anxious feeling, we’ve got just the thing, girl. Nothing does it quite like feel good chick flicks, throw it back to your early teen years and relive some of your fave movie moments to get an instant mood lift. Here are our fave feel good chick flicks to make staying in fun AF.

She’s The Man

Remember this ‘06 chick flick? Amanda Bynes stars as Viola, a soccer lover that was get from her school team who masquerades as her brother at his boarding school. While her disguise as her brother is kinda questionable, this film deffo delivers in other areas, with gorj Channing Tatum and some hilar scenes. The tampon nosebleed scene? Totally hilar!

Mean Girls

If you’ve not seen this feel good chick flick, we’re 100% surprised. New girl Cady joins ‘it’ group the Plastics, but things get sticky when she falls for queen bee Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron. This is one of the best feel good chick flicks there is, you’ll feel a sense of girl power and the word ‘fetch’ will sneak its way into your daily vocab.

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde sees sorority girl Elle Woods try to win back her lawyer ex by attending Harvard Law School. Warning. This feel good chick flick movie will have you falling in love with the colour pink and stocking up on retro fluffy pens and pink scented paper. The original boss babe, Elle gives us all the inspo in this girly flick, plus, her dog Bruiser is actually adorbs.


Clueless sees pampered high school student Cher navigating her way through high school life in Beverly Hills. With a wardrobe to die for and a makeover scene that we’re totally obsessed with, it’s a must in your feel good chick flick movies collection. With a killa mix of romance and comedy, you’ll be totally buggin’ if you miss out on this one.

A Cinderella Story

We’re all pretty familiar with the story of Cinderella, but this chick flick gives it a modern reboot with the help of the ultra dreamy Chad Michael Murray. After the death of her father, high school student Sam seeks comfort in a mystery online guy, who she decides to meet at the school dance. Prepare to have your heart melted with this super cute storyline.

Coyote Ugly

Aspiring singer-songwriter Violet heads to NYC to pursue her dream, but ends up working in a bar full of boss babes instead. Causing trouble and making headlines, the bar gets a name for itself as the hottest spot in town. With loads of catchy tunes, it’ll have you singing for days after! We love this chick flick, it’s deffo worth adding to your watch list.

Now you’re all clued up on the best feel good chick flicks, staying in is gonna be a total breeze, babe. Need some comfies to kick back in? Shop our collection of loungewear for all the chill day feels.

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