Femme Luxe Faves: Laid Back Sunday Styling

After a fun-filled bank holiday weekend, we’re in need of a couple of days of rest and relaxation. So for our two day long self care routine this weekend, only the best loungewear will do for some laid back Sunday styling.

The first step of relaxing and taking care of yourself is to feel comfortable, and even though you’re not going anywhere you’re still allowed to feel like you’ve made the effort. So, we’ve picked some of our favourite laid back styles for you to nail your chilled out sunday style. 

You’re going to feel like you’re still glammed up when you style this bright green loungewear set! It’s a gorgeous loungewear fit that feels more elevated than the usual neutral loungewear we’re used to. Nothing cures your post bank holiday blues like some dopamine dressing, so make sure you get all dressed up in a bright loungewear set and give this gorgeous green moment a try.

Staying at home? Team this green loungewear set with a black oversized t-shirt and your favourite fluffy slippers, all ready for a relaxing duvet day. If you’re brave enough to venture out of the house this weekend, be sure to style your green loungewear set with a white crop top and chunky white trainers for a simple laid back look.

If brighter colours aren’t your thing, then why not opt for something neutral to keep your off duty style looking low-key this weekend. A dreamy chocolate brown is the ultimate neutral colour for every gorgeous girl’s wardrobe because it looks good with everything and looks gorgeous on everyone! You can’t go wrong with a delicious chocolate brown loungewear set.

Team your chocolate brown loungewear set with your favourite chunky trainers, chunky gold jewellery, and a slick back bun. It’s a fit that’s going to help you nail off duty styling with minimal effort, so we know you’re going to love it! This simple neutral styling is so good you’ll be wearing it on repeat, even when you’re not recovering from your bank holiday antics.

Saying no to the hoodie and joggers this weekend? Get back out there and paint the town red this weekend, if you’re powering through and getting back out there this weekend then make sure you do it in a cute laid back look! Cargos are the ultimate off duty look because of the cool casual vibe they bring to any outfit, so they’ll be perfect for round two of weekend fun and these khaki cargo trousers won’t disappoint!

Be a total cutie when you style up a pair of khaki cargo trousers with a white sleeveless bodysuit, denim jacket, white chunky trainers and your best sunnies. It’s a simple style that’ll effortlessy refresh your relaxed spring/summer vibe, so there’s no need to stress over styling when you’re wearing your cargo trousers. 

So you’ve come back after another Saturday of causing chaos, and you need something comfy to change into before tucking into your takeaway, make sure you grab your luxe blue loungewear set.

This crop hoodie and joggers set is the perfect thing to get changed into after a Saturday of day drinks when you don’t want to relax in what you’ve been wearing all day. Simply pair this blue loungewear set with your favourite slippers, but if you’re heading out swap out the slippers for some fresh white trainers and you’ll feel so put together. Trust us, a blue loungewear set is the way to go. 

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