Femme Luxe Faves! Lingerie All Day

You don’t always have to look your best to be feeling your best, lingerie is the perfect way to help you feel sexy in any outfit, because it’s underneath where no one can see it but you, and it’s an instant confidence boost!

Lingerie is perfect for when you’re looking for something lacey that’s going to make you feel dressed up when you’re dressed down, or for when you want to elevate an already stunning outfit. It’s important to invest in your sexiness, and you’ll be starting in the right place with our amazing collection of sexy lingerie.

Our first favourite is a classic black lace bodysuit, the perfect piece to make a simple all black outfit feel sexy, or to change into for that special someone. Black lace is a sure fire way to help you feel like your best sexy self, and what’s great about this black lace bodysuit is it could even help you pull a look together for your next big night out!

When you're not wearing it on its own, this bodysuit is perfect for when you want to feel extra sexy on your Galentine’s night with the girls. Simply style it up with a pair of black leather trousers and your favourite pair of black heels to make sure you feel as good as you look.

Treat yourself to this gorgeous red lingerie set the next time you’re in need of that little something extra. A red lip is a classic go-to for elevating the sexiness of any look, so why not extend this classic colour to your lingerie collection to help you feel your best even when you’re not all glammed up. 

This red lingerie set consists of a luxurious eyelash lace bralette with strappy detailing and a matching red suspender belt and red lace briefs to complete the set. It’s classically sexy and in a rich shade of ruby red, which is great when paired with a red lip, an effortless way to elevate the sexiness of this lingerie set, even whilst it’s under what you’re wearing.  

If black lace is your thing, then it’s a right of passage to own a black lace lingerie set, the ultimate way to make sure you feel like your most sexy self. This black lace cut out thong set is the perfect option for when you want a confidence boost before impressing in the bedroom, because a good piece of lingerie is always going to make you feel and look sexy. 

Even if you’re not into bringing lingerie into the bedroom, your black lace lingerie set is still going to boost your confidence when worn underneath your off duty outfits. When you’re next heading out in a matching black loungewear set, you have to wear a matching black lace set underneath to know what we’re on about when we say that some simple black lace is an effortless confidence boost!

Be bold in blue the next time you’re choosing a new lingerie set to wear. This royal blue lingerie set is great for you colourful babes, royal blue can be your new black and you can keep this beautiful blue lingerie set on hand for when you need an extra confidence boost. 

Heading out on a lunch date and need a confidence boost? Opt for your royal blue lingerie bralette and thong set to wear underneath your low key look to help you feel like you can take on anything!

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