Femme Luxe Faves: Our Top Spring Beauty Products

Spring is nearly here, and we think it’s the best time to switch up your current beauty basics to try something new this season. So, we’ve put together some of our top spring beauty products for you to strut into the new season with.

Spring Beauty Product #1

Run, don’t walk girlies! This product had to be the first one we told you gorgeous girls about because it’s literally life changing. VIEVE Skin Dew is a multi-tasking liquid highlighter developed by YouTube makeup guru Jamie Genevieve to help give your face and body a glow so gorgeous it’ll look like you’ve been on holiday all week rather than stuck in the office.

What makes Skin Dew even more amazing is it looks incredible on all skin complexions, so it can help anyone to achieve an Insta worthy glow! Go ahead and add this life saver to your makeup routine to achieve a quick low-key makeup look that’ll have heads turning.

Spring Beauty Product #2

We should all know by now that gorgeous gorgeous girls do their skincare routine every day, and SPF is the most important part of it. SPF is essential for everyone, no matter if it’s sunny outside or not! Using SPF daily helps to keep your skin clear by stopping any annoying spots from scarring!

The Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 50 is the best for anyone who wants to add SPF to their skincare routine without spending too much money. Garnier even has a sun protection mist that is perfect for when you’ve done a full face of makeup, all you do is spray it over your face when you’re finished and voila! Honestly babes you’ll be asking yourselves why you didn’t start to use SPF sooner!

Spring Beauty Product #3

Is your skin crying out for some extra moisture? Try this all natural vegan moisturiser from madebySUNDAY. It’s a lightweight moisturiser that’s packed full of natural ingredients with no added fragrance, so it’s clean enough for you gals with sensitive skin to handle.

madebySUNDAY is an amazing women owned brand that caters to all skin types, but because it’s all natural it’s even better for you babes with sensitive skin. They even have a page on their website that tells you what products are best for your skin type, so no need to stress if skincare isn’t your usual thing! Simply shop, checkout and wait for your new products to get delivered.

Spring Beauty Product #4

The Ordinary skincare dominated our Tik Tok feeds in 2020 and we know it lives up to the hype that social media gave it, so we think it’s about time to give their foundation a try too! The Ordinary’s foundation is pretty much the same price as their skincare, so they’ve already scored some points with us for that, but they’ve also got loads of shades to choose from. 

If you’re inspired to try a lighter, fresher look as we head into spring, opt for the serum foundation, because it’s pretty much their version of a BB cream. Now go ahead and layer on your favourite concealer in the spots where you want some more coverage, and voila! Your foundation for a stunning spring makeup look is sorted, I think you'll be keeping hold of this one. 

Spring Beauty Product #5

Rihanna’s done it again. Fenty Beauty has pulled through to create the best lip product EVER! 

The Fenty GLOSS BOMB HEAT lipgloss is stunning in any shade, but Lemon Lava is a gamechanger. It plumps your lips whilst giving them a delicate golden shine, but because the formula is so silky smooth it doesn’t leave them feeling too tacky.

The lipgloss formula has been enriched with shea butter and vitamin E to help lock in moisture so your newly plumped lips don’t dry out!  You babes had better get your hands on this fierce Fenty Beauty product if you want your next makeup look to be ahead of the trends and give you that gorgeous springtime glow.

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