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4 Bestsellers from Femme luxe women’s jumper dress collection

Femme Luxe women’s jumper dress collection is full of trendy pieces with different colours and silhouettes for a complete winter-ready wardrobe. Jumper dresses are a handy piece in every women’s wardrobe and you can get really creative with styling it (If you don't know how, you should probably pay a visit to our other posts like “the ultimate guide to style your jumper dress this winter” and “how to style women’s knitwear this winter: celeb style” to get more styling ideas). It really worths the time to scroll through our women’s jumper dress UK collection and find your favourite jumper dress, especially now that we’re setting up our wardrobes for autumn perfection. However, it might seem a lot to do for those of you who have a jam-packed schedule. Sometimes it gets quite difficult to pick one when you see so many different items on our women's jumper dress sale, too.

women’s jumper dress UK

So what should we do? Today’s Femme Luxe post is a quick peek at a few items that are most sought-after in women’s jumper dress sale. Although following a general rule was never my thing, but it might help some of you to go through your quick purchase or to simply give you an insight on what others are going for, in case you get often outfit envy. Remember, whenever you’re in doubt you’d better go for something that matches your personal style and complements your overall appearance, from complexion to body type. These are only suggestions for when you’re really dizzy and can’t choose. So let go and see what are the most sought-after women’s jumper dress UK styles.

Oversized jumper dress; women’s top style

Whether you like wearing oversized clothing or not, you can't deny how oversized and baggy things are on-trend. If you think you should make an statement in the winter using an oversized jumper dress, then I suggest you go for our Khaki Vogue Oversized Jumper Dress. This hot women’s jumper dress with in-demand vogue print is suitable for many different occasions. You can team it up with perspex heels for a winter day party, make it even hotter with black over the knee boots for a special occasion or throw on with black wide-leg trousers for more casual settings. The good thing about an oversized jumper dress women’s style is that you can layer as much as you need underneath without making a messy show. Warm and cosy as much as fashionable, this oversized jumper dress is also available in other colours like mustard, grey and black along with many other femme luxe women’s jumper dresses.

Keep it feminine with long jumper dresses

Another in-demand style is women’s long jumper dresses and on top of the chart is Black Bardot Maxi Jumper Dress, which was one of the best sellers through summer and is still popular. This close-fitting jumper dress is unlike oversized ones the best way to showcase your curves even through cold seasons. This women’s long jumper dress with the Bardot neck can add so much sophistication and femininity to your winter wardrobe and will also guarantee you a timeless look. All you need is a belt to define your waistline even more, and a pair of strappy heels.

Even if you don’t want to pick from women’s long jumper dresses, it’s fine, you can still achieve a feminine look with other figure-hugging styles such as Rose Corset Velour Hooded Jumper Dress. This women’s fitted jumper dress is perfect for a lush look with the velvet look and figure-hugging silhouette. Also available in red and black, it can be your party glam look paired with the matching colour strappy heels or your go-to cool girl outfit sported with trainers.

long jumper dresses

Women’s wool jumper dress; your best friend throughout the winter

This next item is much predictable because we all love a cable knit jumper dress women’s style, and we all know that red was on the list of designers’ favourites for autumn winter 2018. So it’s not unexpectable that our Red Roll Neck Knitted Jumper Dress comes on our list of bestsellers. This women’s red jumper dress with rolled neck can save you from the cold, and also makes sure you make a jaw-dropping entrance everywhere. You can pair yours with black leather pants and trainers. You can also read more about cable knit jumper dress women’s style on our other posts but another way to dress up and put on a show with women’s red jumper dress is to layer it with a long line coat and our fave over the knee boots. This is a jaw to floor fierce look and ensures the warmth you’re looking for. Women’s wool jumper dress is always on top with the wide range of styles and occasions it can be adapted for. Either way you go, be sure to let your red jumper dress women’s look catch the eyes with some statement accessories.

Women’s plus size jumper dresses to avoid

Since there is always less attention paid to plus size clothing here I try to provide you with some tips time to time. You can always follow your heart and choose your clothing but it’s best to have these tips at the back of your mind when you're about to shop for something. First I’m going to review items above, to see if they’re the best options for plus sizes too, or not.

While an oversized jumper dress is a top choice for most women, I suggest avoiding a women’s jumper dress that is not fit for you, if you are size 14 or over. You can go for our women’s long jumper dress if you like but the Bardot style will make your shoulders look broader, so that’s also not a good option if you have broad shoulders yourself. Instead, you can opt for some women's fitted stretch jumper smart dress for your parties and special occasions, cause the fitted silhouette is what you should be looking for. Be brave and show off your curves, gurls! You can opt for a darker colour for your women's fitted stretch jumper smart dress to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Although I'm not really strict on this, curvy women are always told to go for darker colours and that’s why many of them are no quite comfortable with light colours. If you feel so, then the red cable knit jumper dress is not for you. You can opt for a women’s navy jumper dress, but you can always wear black and navy, can you? If you ask me I’d say white and cream can look on par good on you. You may want to start bringing light to your wardrobe one step at a time, so, for instance, start from a women’s navy jumper dress, then go for a medium blue and eventually end up in a sky blue. My advice is to grab a cold colour because it’s less intriguing. Therefore you can push your comfort zone bit by bit and increase your self-confidence. There will be a time when you’ll be happier with a red jumper dress women’s style rather any neutral or dark one.

You may also want to avoid wearing patterned dresses, such as women’s reindeer jumper dress cause you think they will make you look bulkier. That’s true but that doesn't mean you should avoid them completely. Quite the contrary, you can take advantages of patterns in a women’s reindeer jumper dress to balance out your proportions, how? I’ll show you. Think of a jumper dress with reindeer pattern on top, around shoulder and sleeves, that would be the best bet for someone with pear body shape and should be the worst nightmare for a woman with apple body shape. Again if the pattern is around the bottom of the dress, it makes a perfect choice for women with an apple shaped body. We’re going to make a review dedicated to styling for different body shapes in winter. But for now, keep these quick tips for women’s plus size jumper dresses in mind.

women’s plus size jumper dresses

Now that you know out top best sellers, you may have even better ideas for shopping. Make sure to pay a visit to femme luxe women’s jumper dresses to see if any other style catches your eyes. Don’t forget to keep your #luxegal vibes high while waiting for our next review to go up.

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