Find New Ways to Cope with Your Anxiety

It can be difficult to know what the best way to cope with anxiety is, and it can be different for everyone, so it’s important to find new ways to help you cope with your anxiety so that when you’re caught up in a stressful situation, you know exactly what to do. 

Everyone has their own unique experiences when it comes to their anxieties, which means people deal with their anxious feelings in different ways. We’ve put together a collection of ways for you to cope with anxiety, and hopefully you’ll find something to help you keep calm the next time you’re overwhelmed or anxious.

Affirmations are great easy ways to help you stay calm and collect your thoughts when you’re anxious and need to remind yourself that everything’s going to be fine. Think of affirmations as a form of mini meditation you can say to yourself wherever you are.

‘The situation isn’t good or bad.’

If you’re in a situation that’s making you feel anxious, remind yourself of this affirmation to help you see that you can grow from every situation. For example, even though the situation may feel bad, it could lead to something good for you in the future!

‘I’m unique. I’m loved. I’m important.’

In stressful situations, it can be easy to doubt yourself and forget your self worth. This affirmation helps you to think more positively, because it helps you to look at yourself in a better way so you don’t doubt how capable you are!

‘My past experiences can’t stop me from succeeding in the future.’

Sometimes, negative past experiences can stop you from trying new things and taking risks. So, it’s important to remind yourself that these horrible experiences don’t affect your future, and you are strong enough to take new risks and achieve your goals.

‘I am enough.’

This is possibly the simplest yet most important affirmation for you to remember. Whenever your anxiety is putting you down, remind yourself that you are good enough! 

If you prefer to switch off and relax by yourself, why not try listening to a podcast to help you find other ways to cope with your anxiety? Podcasts can be a soothing pastime, and are great for you girls who can’t get stuck into a good book but still want something to help you relax. We’ve found two great podcasts that could be helpful for you girls to enjoy when you need to switch off. 

The Anxious Achiever is a great woman fronted podcast that helps to break down our anxiety, and helps us to cope with it a lot better and thrive! They discuss everything from meditation to depression and nothing is sugar coated!

Another podcast we would love for you gorgeous girls to try is Bryony Gordon’s Mad World. It’s a series of intimate conversations between Bryony and her weekly guests, where the main topic of conversation is mental health. Make sure to listen so you can hear loads of different stories and methods of coping with mental health that could possibly help you!

Simple ways of coping with anxiety such as having a bath or reading a book, might not be helpful for everyone. If you feel like you need something more, then make sure to check out Better Help. They’re an online service that offers you ways to help you cope with anxiety, so they are perfect for you gorgeous people who need some little extra help.

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