Find The Best Dress For Your Body Shape

We’ve all been there, you’ve added a ton of gorge dresses to your basket and waited by the door for the postman to bring your fire new ‘fits just in time for the weekend. You open the package, ready to try them all on and feel fierce AF, but as soon as you try that first dress on, you find yourself feeling well...a lil disappointed. It’s a little too big here and wayyyy to tight there. What an anti climax! Every girl has had this ‘mare of a situation happen before.

Wanna know how to prevent it? It’s super simple- just learn the best dress for your body type and let dresses work for you. It’s easier than you think to learn how to dress for your body, but first things first- you need to learn how to work out what your body shape is.

How To Figure Out What Shape Your Body Is

There are four well-known body shapes, apple shape, pear shape, hourglass shape and athletic shape- dressing for your body means knowing your shape and how to work it with clothes that make the most of what ya got.

Apple Shape Pear Shape

apple-shape pear-shape

Slim lower body. Typically has fuller hips.

Typically carries weight around Carries weight on the lower

the middle. half.

Doesn't have a noticeably def- Narrow shoulders.

ined waistline.

Hourglass Shape Athletic Shape

hourglass-shape athletic-shape

Overall curvy shape. Straight up and down shape.

Noticeably defined waist. Doesn’t have a noticeably defined

Fuller legs, bust and hips. waistline.

Weight distributed evenly.

Once you’ve decided which of the four fab shapes your figure fits into, it’s time to learn how to choose dresses that frame all your best bits. Celebrate your shape by learning what works for you, so that you feel like a total star on your next night out.

Apple Shape


Classic apple shapes have gorge legs, so work those perf pins and showcase them in a mini or midi length dress, depending on how low you wanna go. Add more shape by going for a dress with a waist-cinching belt to accentuate your waist. Some of our absolute faves for all you apple gals are:



The Savannah dress has a belt to help cinch your waist and create the illusion of curves. The one-shoulder fit breaks up your top half and the thick, ruched material smooths your shape.



The Lilya dress features a sweeping wrap design and belt detail. The comfy fit is flattering and wearable. We love how the layers and side ruching work to pull in your figure and create the illusion of killer curves.



The Cristbal is the perfect dress for an apple shape, with an apple red colour and ruching to reflect light and create a curvy silhouette whilst making those statement legs the centre of attention.

Pear Shape


If you’re a juicy pear shape, you already know that you’ve got all the assets needed to make a dress look unreal. Go for cuts with a high neckline or detail at the top of the dress if you’re seeking a lil balance. Slinky materials are the perfect dress for your body type, choose a slinky midi to draw attention to all the right places.



The Carly snake print dress is a pear shape’s bestie, the print helps to draw the eye up and down the body, balancing out your figure. The bodycon fit is perfect for showing off your amazing figure.



The Aziza red dress is a showstopper and will ensure that you’re the stand out girl in your squad group pic. With a figure flattering slinky material and a cheeky split leg, it’s a dress you’ll wear over and over.



For pear shapes with a small bust, the Isobella dress is total perfection. The pattern is eye catching and unique and the belt accentuates your tiny waist.



Kim K who? The envy of many, a killer hourglass figure is ideal for so many dress types. Show off that silhouette with a bodycon dress or an eye-catching print. Feel like you wanna soften your curves slightly? You could opt for a classic shade of jet black or vertical stripes.



The Tasha snake print bodycon dress is beautiful and this shade of hot pink is guaranteed to set pulses racing. Your hourglass figure is framed perfectly with the thick, PU material, which looks just as good IRL as it does in photos.



The Poppy midi dress is ideal for hourglass shapes. The square neckline is fun and flattering and the midi fit is ideal for workin’ that hourglass silhouette.



The Catriona dress is a beautiful gold sparkly mini with cut out sides to really showcase that figure. Not for the shy or the faint-hearted, this dress is your shortcut to some serious sass.



Who wouldn’t want a fit and athletic figure? Work that figure with strapless or halter dress styles. Wanna create curves? Go for designs with ruching or a waist belt to accentuate that waist. Don’t be afraid of bright colours, with your figure, you can 100% pull ‘em off!



The Amara dress features a halterneck design that’s ideal for flattering athletic body shapes. The ruching on the lower half creates curves and shape, giving you that hourglass illusion.



The Ivy dress is strapless, showing off those gorgeous shoulders. The ruching and tie sides give you curves in all the right places, just pair with your favourite high heels.



The Ariana dress is so gorge in this striking shade of red. The strapless design highlights your athletic features making you look like a sassy senorita. We love this dress paired with a waist belt for an even more defined look.

No matter what your body type is, there is a beaut dress waiting to be worn that’s designed just for your shape. Experiment with different styles, colours and materials to switch up your look, highlighting your fave features.

You could even go one step further with your beauty and accessories. Apple shaped? Accentuate those legs with some highlighter dusted down the middle of your legs and choose shoes with detailing around the ankle. Pear? Balance out your bottom half by wearing a chunky necklace and statement lip. Hourglass gal? Choose an eye-catching belt and gorge nails. Athletic? Dust some highlighter on your collarbone and decorate your neck with light, sparkling layered necklaces.

Feeling inspired AF? Hit our New In to shop for that killer night out dress, knowing that your new pick is gonna be the perfect dress for your body shape.


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