Fun Things To Do During Lockdown

With life feeling more and more like a simulation in every waking moment, it’s safe to say that lockdown life is *still* feeling pretty surreal. Whether you’ve been furloughed or WFH is still your thing, now more than ever, it’s so important to put your mental and physical well being before anything else. Need some inspo on how to stay productive during lockdown? With the UK Lockdown not sent to end until March, we’ve rounded up our top fave things to do (since we’d like to say we’re experts at staying inside), from game night ideas to tasty meals so that you can become the next Star Baker (thanks GBBO), we’ve got the lowdown on all the fun things to do during lockdown!

Did Someone Say Game Night?


Whether you’re spending Lockdown alone, jumping on Zoom calls with your Besties, or you’re living with your partner or family, constantly thinking of fun activities to do can be totally draining. If you’re sick of hitting ‘Next Episode’ almost every night, why not opt for a games night instead? Crack out the boardgames to make it feel like it’s 2007 again or hop on Facetime with your fam’ and try a quiz night! Wanna take it up a level? If you’re all for getting a bit boozy, why not try a drinking game? There’s loads of online games you can play with your mates or if you’re lucky enough to live with them this Lockdown, why not try playing a ‘who knows who the best’ game!

Time To Workout!


Even if working out has never been your thing, just 15 minutes of exercise a day can relieve stress and help with physical wellbeing. If you’re worried about having to buy all the equipment (because we know it can be seriously spenny) trying a 20 Minute HIIT workout on youtube is a great place to start! All you need is your phone, or stream to your TV if you prefer to have it on a bigger screen, and yourself! Yep, that’s it. Starting out with beginner guides to ease yourself in is a great way to start, or if you’re feeling a bit more dedicated why not try downloading an App? The Shreddy app is tailored to how YOU want to work out and has options for at home workouts or workouts at the gym, whichever you prefer! Looking to upgrade your workout wear? Shop all things activewear to make your look seriously squatproof.

Try A New Skill


From learning how to paint to becoming a baking queen, picking a new skill or hobby can be a lot easier than you think. Try your hand at whipping up some culinary delights by trying out a new recipe! If you’ve got a major sweet tooth opt for some gooey chocolate brownies or cookies (because who doesn’t want a bite of that) this lockdown or opt for a savoury option and try baking your own bread! Feeling a bit anxious this lockdown? A great little hobby to take up is knitting. Now, listen, we know knitting might not seem like all that, but it’s been proven that knitting has a calming effect on the brain and helps to relieve stress. Win, win, girl!

Up Your Beauty Game


Now that we’re spending a lot more time at home, upping your skincare or beauty regime is the perfect thing to do! Whether you’re wanting to change up how you do your brows (we’d recommend trying the fluffy brow trend) or you’re finally wanting to give a skincare a proper go, now is the perfect time to explore! You don’t necessarily have to go all out and buy all those expensive products that you’ve been seeing, mix and match with products you already have! See if changing up your routine and opting for a lighter brow or a neutral hue liner gives you that extra boost of confidence that you’ve been needing. And if it doesn’t work out? That’s ok! Being stuck inside means no one has to see anything if it fails.

Netflix & Chill


OK, so we know that Netflix isn’t the only streaming service, there’s sooooo many options where you can watch whatever you want. From Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, you’ve got plenty of choice for whatever genre you’re in the mood for. Need some inspo of what to watch? Netflix has got so many series & films releasing this month. Get the lowdown on all things Chess (we know it might sound boring, but trust us it isn’t) in The Queen’s Gambit, or are you into documentaries? On the hunt for a serial killer, Night Stalker follows a series of murders & kidnappings happening in LA during the 1960’s. Disenchantment has come back to our screens today for a third installment or in need of some laughs? We’re obsessed with Schitt’s Creek to get some serious laughs in.

Looking to upgrade your loungewear this lockdown? Hit refresh on your comfy essential and shop all things loungewear and you’ll have all the fun things to do in lockdown on lock, girl.

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