How To Be A Baller On A Budget

Whether you’re a student waiting for your loan to drop or working full time, waiting for payday can be a real struggle sometimes. Luckily, we’re gonna bring you some tips, tricks and golden rules on how to be a baller on a budget.

There are 3 golden rules when it comes to shopping on a budget:

  1. Before purchasing anything, have a gander to see if you can find any promo codes, discounts or sale items
  2. Don’t be afraid to spend a lil more on basic, key pieces that will last you a lifetime!
  3. And lastly, ask yourself, do you really need that new crop that you’ve already got in 7 other colours?

Back To Basics

long sleeve bodysuit scoop neck

Stock up on some basic staple pieces. A few bodysuits in neutral colours, some black and white tees and a couple of pairs of jeans, can help shape your wardrobe and without them, you wouldn’t even have an outfit. They are the unsung heroes of your wardrobe. Grab a couple of different coloured scoop neck long sleeve fitted tees as they can be paired with literally anything. Heading to a lecture? Throw on a black round neck long sleeve fitted tee and a pair of light wash ripped high waisted skinny jeans. Bit chilly out? Throw on a black crop hoodie over the top and you’re good to go, babe. Out for brunch with the girls? Go for a stone round neck long sleeve fitted tee with brown snake print leather mini skirt. Give your wardrobe more range and save on these basic items, babe!

Invest In Key Pieces

ripped jeans

We love versatile items that can carry you from season to season and sometimes these things cost a lil more than just a tenner, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in them. Think a new season denim jacket, a quality pair of jeans or a classic LBD for those spontaneous nights out can last you years and they’re gonna match with almost everything that’s already in your wardrobe. Choose wisely when investing in pieces. Always ask yourself if you’re still gonna love it in 6 months time and if the answer is no, put it down girl.

Get Creative

shirt dress

Let’s be honest, you probably already have got a dress in your wardrobe that’s pretty versatile. A casual dress like a black oversized shirt dress is our go-to win as it can be dressed up or down for night or day and it will never go out of style! Rock a pair of white chunky trainers during the day, then switch it up with some black strappy pointed heels for night time. Not feeling most of your clothes in your wardrobe? Sell them to friends, family or on a selling platform app to help you afford newer styles that fit your style.

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