How To Be Productive Whilst Working From Home

Never worked from home before, girl? That could be about to change! Statistics suggest that businesses benefit from more productive staff when they work from home. Sounds good, right? The only downside is how hard it is to stay productive when you're setting up office in your front room. Here are some of our home productivity hacks for staying motivated when stacking that paper, girl.

Get Up And Get To Work!

If you think picking up your laptop whilst sitting in your pyjamas in bed is going to make you bust out your A-grade work then you could be mistaken. Get up out of bed, have a shower, drink some coffee, do all the things you would do whilst preparing for work in the office.

If you can keep some sort of resemblance to your original routine, then you are able to get your mind into the right work ethic. If you know you need to start work at 8am, make sure you're not getting up at 7.58am, give yourself time to wake up and prepare for a day of work. A top tip would be to make a plan of what you want to achieve by what time the night before so that you can have a well-structured day.

How are you going to feel like a badass boss if you're working in fluffy, bunny pjs? No girl, have a shower and chuck on some fashionable loungewear (we still wanna be comfy right?)

Now that we look the part we need to set up the perfect environment. Get yourself a cute little desk with some natural lighting, a comfy chair, maybe some cute accessories for your table. We love having sweet little potted plants on our desk with a matching pen holder. Create a zen environment. Good vibes uh-honey!

Chuck The Distractions Away

Now that we have a plan on what we want to achieve today (check list, check), we look the part (cute tracksuit, check) and we are all set up at our desk with a coffee (office environment, check) now to make sure we are free of too many distractions! Do not let the day escape you because you are sat, watching TikTok on your phone (it's addictive, we know). Chuck your phone in another room and allow yourself a window of time to go on it during your breaks (take regular breaks too). If you need your phone, why not switch off your notifications so that you're not tempted by your pals instead of working hard.

Another distraction could be the TV, you don't need to be catching up with daytime TV, you need to be making them coins girl! Turn off the TV, get those headphones in and you'll feel instant concentration and focus.

You Got That Yummy Yummy Yummy...

Just as you would when you're commuting to the office, why not pack a packed lunch the night before? Something tasty and healthy! We're talkin' about some brain food, girl. This way you don't get distracted by cooking a three course meal, you've utilised your time properly and the healthy food will give you energy. We love snacking on strawberries and blueberries in between our breaks!

Clock Out Time

Well done baby girl, you've smashed everything you needed to do on your to do list, but wait! Don't over do it now, make sure you set yourself boundaries. Allow yourself to put the laptop away and clock out from work. Do not drag your work time into your personal time. No need to overwork yourself!

We hope these tips to boost productivity while working from home will help you, they are only small steps, but they will maximise your productivity in a big way! Don't forget to shop Loungewear! Show us your casj outfits and your zen workstations by tagging #luxegal on the 'gram.

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