How To Become An Influencer

Want in on free clothes, dinner invites and a celeb-like lifestyle? Yep, us too, boo! With influencer marketing taking off over the past few years, social media influencer jobs are becoming more and more sought after. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to become an influencer, then you’re not alone. Google searches are seeing an increase in questions such as ‘how to become an influencer?, and there’s an ever-growing scene for budding and micro influencers. So whether you’re looking to become an influencer full-time, or you’re wanting to start a side hustle, check out our ultimate guide on how to become an Instagram influencer.

Decide What You Want To Influence

Want to know how to start as an influencer? If you’re wanting to join the world of top Instagram influencers UK, then you must first start by selecting your niche, that is, what you want to influence. Whether you’re wanting to become a beauty influencer, or a brand influencer for your fave fashion brand, it’s important to pick an area where you can guarantee to stay consistent. This will allow you to attract the right audience and gain followers and engagement organically.

Get To Know Your Audience

So you’ve selected your niche, now it’s time to get to know your audience. Whilst it’s no doubt a game of trial and error, getting to know your audience can help you post more relevant content of things they like to see. Engaging with your followers via stories and posts can give you the insight you need to really allow your account to take off. To keep an eye on your insights and engagement, switching your personal Instagram account to a business account can help you learn what posts do well and which posts not so much.

Understanding The Algorithms

When researching how to become an influencer, you’ve likely come across many interpretations of Instagram’s complicated and ever-changing algorithm. But it’s really as simple as being consistent with your posting and creating engaging content that will help you become more visible on explore pages. Decide days on which you know you know you can post regularly, or try creating a backlog of content that you can use throughout the week. If you’re wanting to join the world of fashion influencers, then why not spend a day or two gathering content, pics and images that you can share throughout the week? Being an influencer can be super time consuming and require some creativity, so it’s important to stay on top of your posts. This will help you stay consistent with your posting and will also ensure that you’re covered if you’re super busy one day!

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One of the key aspects when learning how to become a social media influencer is outreach. Performing outreach with brands can be intimidating, but it is also essential in that it broadens your scope of followers and attracts a relevant audience. Making yourself open to collaborations can really enhance your visibility as an influencer, so it’s important to always include an email address for when brands want to contact you directly.

So how many followers do you need to become an influencer? Well, with a growing network of micro influencers, you can technically pass as an influencer with just a few thousand followers. However, to pass as an ‘official’ influencer, anywhere above 30k followers is generally the norm!

Top Tip - Always be sure to research your hashtags to gain more interaction with potential followers!

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